About Me and my blog


Hi ! My name is Monika,a teacher by profession and ofcourse a homemaker along with it. For ladies,whether you are doing a job/business or not,taking care of your home and family is the topmost priority. The same applies to me. Apart from my teaching job, i cook food at home, wash clothes, take care of my kid’s studies ,fulfill her daily little wishes and keep the family happy. So i serve many roles like sometimes i am a cook ,sometimes i am a teacher and sometimes i am a maid. In serving all these roles,i feel a mix of  many kind of emotional feelings.

My love for my first blog

  • I love learning new things.
  • I have a little love of reading books.
  • I love to talk to people and share their emotions.

Doing all the routine chores of life, i thought of starting a blog where i can share my  experiences,thoughts ,feelings or some inspirational stories. By doing so(i.e. by starting a blog) i can get the oppurtunity to connect with many of you ,and that’s something  i love. Also because i love learning new things i thought i would definitely learn many new things about blogging and today’s techy world(i think there is million of vocabulary to be learnt just about blogging). U know if u want to learn swimming ,you have to…yes.. you have to jump into water .So i have jumped into the world of blogging and hope GOD will help me to run a sweet and spicy blog along with making lot many new friends.

Blogging about

Here i will be sharing life experiences,thoughts,feelings,or some inspirations especially concerned with my women friends. Because i am a woman,my mind automatically pulls me towards women oriented topics. Rather i should say girls oriented ….because hey all the women ! we always wish to be addressed as girls whatever be our actual age…..am i right?????

Your involvement

  • You can connect with me via your comments
  • You can write to me by email…..your thoughts,your stories, your emotions,your suggestions,all are welcome.
  • Lets together create a platform where we can share & care for each other
  • your feedback and guidance in any form is appreciated.

My blogging goal

This is just the start. In future i would love AluBhujia to be a big platform where we,especially women,share,care love each other and ofcourse learn many new things from each other whether it be solving some of life’s problems or cooking tips or some fashion mantra…….!!!

Language i would often use

In my daily life i use  a mix of Hindi ,English and Punjabi. Sometimes ,i get confused which is my mother tongue.But as far as connecting with u all on this blog i would be most often using Hinglish…mix of Hindi and English….which is (i think) most often used by all of u too.

                                                 LET’S HAVE A GOOD TIME