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Hi ! My name is Monika, a teacher by profession for the last 17 years and  a blogger by intersest since April 2017 . I am mother to a daughter who is running in her tweens .  I enjoy my daughter’s company more as a friend now . Well If I want to define myself then it would be Simple , Sensitive , Straightforward and  Bold .

Travel and Music make my heart smile . I wish to travel the world ( that’s a different issue that I am mostly short of money ) I  love learning new things  and Blogging was also started out of curiosity for learning about this vast  virtual world . I blog about anything that I observe or feel good/bad about . As on date , my blog  is a mixed bag of my life memoir , some social issues especially women related  , fiction , travel , and few others . In May 2018 I have self published my first eBook Astitva which is about the  age-old customs and stigmas the women have to face even in today’s 21st century .

You are welcome to my online world .  I am sure that some of my writings would leave a thoughtful impression on your mind and some would make you smile or feel good . Have a lovely time reading !

  • You can connect with me via comments . Your positive or critic comments boost me up . I am sure you are a versatile reader who knows that a reader’s valuable comments  keep a writer’s spirits high
  • You can connect with me by mailing on hello@alubhujia.com or alubhujiablog@gmail.com  Your thoughts , your stories, your emotions,your suggestions,all are welcome
  • You can follow me on FB or Twitter or Instagram .  Let’s be friends !

Note : Please don’t ask me why the name of  my blog is Alubhujia . I myself feel confused at times why I named it so. May be because I wanted my blog to serve as a  relishing food for   your mind just like you relish your  Alubhujia  snack along with the evening tea or coffee . 


That’s Me!


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