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Nourishment means the foods that you need to grow and stay healthy. Most of us  are very conscious of the foods that we eat – we prefer organic food , full of nutrients , we avoid junk foods , we want to maintain an ideal weight , feel healthy and look smart . We follow one or the other exercise routine also to our best efforts .

Are you also following all this ? Yes ?? That’s good , you are taking care of your body by nourishing it with healthy foods. Keep it up.

But are you good at nourishing your soul also ?

Did this question appear strange to you ?

Yes , you need to nourish your soul also on daily basis . What would you do with physically fit body if you lack peace and happiness ? Isn’t the tranquility of mind important ?

What do you ultimately want in life – just a fit body or a contented heart ? Bound with THINGS or freedom of mind ? Lot of money or peace ? A silent cage or a chirping little nest  ?

Here are a few nourishment tips for your soul :-

  1. Simplify Simplify Simplify

Henry David Thoreau, an American writer said ” Our lives are frittered away in details”  Simplify Simplify Simplify . What he meant by his words was that people have unnecessarily made their lives complex .

  One aspect of simplification is control on the collection of material things . Everybody is buying things and cluttering his life .You own a thing , then the mind craves for another , you work harder and own that , then the mind wants something else . See you can’t satisfy material desires .

Need is not to complicate life with THINGS. The best things in life are not THINGS.

You can try Minimalism approach.

There is unnecessary complexity in relationships and behaviour also . You feel some emotion but express a different emotion , you often show behavior of criticism , anger and hatred . But your true nature is love only .

Try to spread love all around . Don’t become a slave of your negative emotions. You’ll receive back whatever you give .

Emotions in hindi 

Don’t try to remake any of your loved ones . Sometimes you don’t like other’s behaviour , you try to change it which results in attack on pride and self-esteem  . The end result is never happy. Better is to Simplify and focus on your own inner-self – how you can love the other person the way he is , how you can try to see the situations on a lighter note , how can you learn to let go . It’s far easier and better to change yourself .


2. Love and Laugh

Love is the nourishment  which keeps our souls happy and  energized. Amongst the stressful 10 hr jobs , working out , managing home , managing out relations , and the social media tensions which is no doubt creating a negative impact on our subconscious minds , sometimes all we need is just a smile or a hug from our loved ones .

Even if there is a resentful situation just try to pass on a smile to the other person . May be he’s too stressed that he passed on his tensions on to you even though he didn’t want to . Don’t multiply anger , try out a loving smile this time or may be a  jadu ki jhappi .

A hearty laugh can relax you a lot . Don’t keep thinking even if you had a stressful day . Just divert your attention , have a laugh time with your friends or watch any comedy show you like .

3. Take a break

You always need occasional breaks – break from your daily job or business routine , break from anything which has congested your mind – may be your domestic chores or facebook notifications or even your partner .

Take a chill pill , move away for some hours or days . Take a vacation from your office , delete your facebook for few days , order food from outside , lie lazy in your bed , don’t take a bath if you don’t want to , and simply don’t worry about the mess or clutter of things at home . First clear off the clutter  in your mind . A mind full of clutter and stress is more dangerous .

4. Connect with Nature

Nature has the power to nourish your soul . Whenever you spend some time in nature’s lap you feel calm and rejuvenated .

You can do tiny tasks to enjoy nature and allow it to soothe your inner-self . Just looking at the rising sun for few seconds , feeling the cool air in the evening , walking barefoot on grass in office break , enjoying in water on weekends  (may be pool or if you get any chance to be near a natural water stream) , planting some plants at home and caring for them , just listening to chirping of birds occasionally , just looking at the clouds and trying to find the varying figures they form , etc.  You can find your own ways to connect with nature .

Enjoy your life . Don’t take it too seriously . Your happiness is the most important . If you are not calm and happy then everything else appears pointless . Find your own ways to nurture your soul along with the hardwork you have always been doing to achieve your goals.

Stay Happy ! You are the CEO of your life !

Tell me how good you are at nurturing your soul .







Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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