What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life ?

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What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life ?

I  want to do something , I want to do something Big in life . These words keep  floating in my mind . But I could never actually find an answer to what Big I wish to do in life ?

 I came across the famous lines  by Mary Oliver “Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life ?” 


The question made me  think hard what I actually want to do in my life or how it has been till today . I sat down to analyze my past and assess my achievements or regrets in life .

My achievements in Life so far:-

When I was doing my studies , I and my parents always wished for my  good education followed by a good job. By God’s Grace I could achieve this . I did my Masters in Physics and am having a respectable job for the last many years .

After I got married ,  God blessed me with a cute loving daughter . It is the most beautiful form of love on earth.

After many years of marriage and lots of planning , we could  finally achieve  our own little house also -our small dream house .

Well these are some of my life’s achievements .  But  are these achievements really big that I should boast of ?  Is this all I wanted to do in my life ? Is this all God sent me on this earth for ? To  make money , have children and collect things ?

Now it’s time to think if I have any regrets in life .

I think everybody has one or the other regrets . I am no different .  I couldn’t get a job in the area of my interest ,  I couldn’t move abroad like some of my friends  , My bank balance seems in no  mood to fulfill my ‘travel the world’ wish , as it is busy feeding my home loan account .

But today Mary Oliver’s question made me think hard-  if I could  achieve  all these things then would these have proved  my Big Achievements ?  A rich bank balance and a world tour  would define   my precious life ?

No doubt all these things are important in life. Good job, good family , own house, own car , family’s health , good bank balance , they are important part (and necessary also to some extent )of our life . But does our life revolve just around these so termed   Big achievements  ?

Does my precious life revolve just around money ?

My mind ponders

Is it not always precious  whenever  I spend some happy/emotional /loving/caring moments with my family or friends ? Even the sad moments shared together are  valuable .  The emotional bond becomes stronger , plus  the sorrows get divided when we share .

Was that not precious  when a beggar was shivering with cold on the roadside and I had the financial means to donate him a blanket ?

Was that not precious when one of my  students from a very poor family passed his board exams and  came in merit ? I still remember how  his laborer father thanked me with teary eyes. Those tears were so precious .

Was that not achievement when my friend could find an answer to her problem in my motivational blog post ?  The hug she gave me that day sent many blessings my way .

These were few moments when God gave me a chance to spread smiles .

“When you spread smiles they come back to you multiplied.”

Nothing else is more precious than spreading love and smiles .

At the end of the day what is important in life is – Did you smile ? Did you help someone ? Could you make someone smile ? Were you able to get someone’s blessings ?  Are you contended ? What gives you real  happiness – things you can collect or the things you can help somebody with ?

Achieve whatever you want in Life , work hard , accept challenges, learn new skills , but remember happiness is the ultimate goal . Isn’t it ? One can be happy only when happiness is inside and around . So work for your inner happiness as well around you .

I want  love all around

I want to live the moments , I want to smile , I want to share caring emotions ,  I want  love all around ,  I want to spread Smiles , I want to see everyone  smiling ……..Yes That’s what I want to do in my precious life , Ms Mary Oliver . May God grant me many opportunities to spread Smiles ! How beautiful the world would be when there is love all around , everyone smiling , everyone caring for the other , no grudges , no hatred , no regrets in life !




Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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  1. soo true! never waste a single moment

  2. I completely agree.. Lovely thoughts expressed well.

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