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We are working hard everyday  – we are earning money , buying new things , proud to  have a long online friend list  ,  flaunt our new dresses or the holiday tour moments  on social media and then count the likes or comments .  What are we trying to achieve  out of all this ?

We are earning money because money can buy us anything which may make us happy . We buy new clothes , big car or latest gadgets because we want to keep ourselves updated , we make long friend list on social media because we want others to know how happy our  life is going on .Ultimately we all are in search of happiness .


Like SEO is important for anything on the internet , so is the Happiness SEO important in our life . SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization , which means optimizing the content so as to have the greater visibility in the virtual world . Same is with Happiness . You need to optimize your life so as to experience  greater happiness.

Like there are keywords in all the fields  – content creation , marketing , blogging , social media , so are there keywords for happiness in Life .

What are the keywords for Happiness SEO ?

1.  Find Joy in the ordinary

Many times you are in the want of something more or something Big to happen in life to feel happy . But be cautious if you are missing the daily joys of Life . Don’t wait for anything extraordinary to happen for your happiness . Enjoy the tiny joys in your life . Enjoy the morning hurry when you kiss your child hurriedly before leaving for office , enjoy the minor legpulling in office, enjoy the evening chatters of your child  ,enjoy the minor stresses of daily life .


2. Have  an energizing routine affair

Try to maintain a routine affair which keeps you energized- whether getting up early and going for walk or meditation , any hobby session twice or thrice a week , evening gym , or a hearty talk with a dear one . This really has the power to lower your  stress index  and increase your happiness index .

Fitness in 30 minutes 

3.  Develop the habit of Gratefulness

Aiming high , working hard towards your goals is very important but simultaneously feeling grateful for all you have is equally significant . Start counting your blessings and be grateful . Gratefulness brings more happiness .

4. Learn something new

Going by the routine affairs of home and office , taking care of all family members , it’s equally important to keep yourself inspired . Don’t let your life become a stagnant pool . Push yourself , learn something new , read often (not just whatsapp plz ) , try any work which you feel harder . You’ll see that your personality gets polished as you make constant efforts for that work .

Be determined 

5. Focus on your fitness

Maintaining a good health is the most important keyword for happiness . When you suffer even from a tiny cold-cough , you just don’t feel like doing anything . So it’s very important to take care of your health . Eat healthy , don’t eat too much , maintain ideal weight , jog , cycle ,swim ,play a sport , sweat ,  look smart , feel fit and stay energized.

How did I loose weight ? 



6. Few moments with the Supreme power

Happiness index is automatically boosted by the supreme invisible power . Sit in silence for few minutes and try to focus on your inner consciousness , Light a diya in your home temple and sit with folded hands , enjoy chanting or read any spiritual literature , try to feel the nature’s magic – let your eyes meet the rising  Sun or calm your heart  by the twinkling of millions of stars at night .

Life management tips I learnt when I read Bhagavad Gita 

7. Stop complaining , Stop judging

Analyze yourself how often you are complaining about your past or what you don’t possess . Work hard for something you don’t have but don’t complain . Complaining can’t make things better .happiness

And second important thing is that you stop judging others . If you want to judge , judge your abilities , your talents . When you complain or judge others , negativity piles up in your mind and the unseen stress rises . Why to judge others ? Everybody has his own problems and circumstances . Let them be . If you want to do something , listen to them heartily and help in any way you can .

8. Be Yourself .

Don’t behave different from what you actually are . Don’t be an actor . Be in your original character always . There’s no need to change your personality in front of your boss or your in-laws .

Say what you feel right , Do what you want , Laugh out loud , behave stupid with friends , don’t worry if food got burnt in the kitchen , don’t feel bad  if you had argument with someone , don’t feel guilty if you overslept someday or anything like that . Remember the principle Better you go mad .

9. Done is better than perfect

Often you  want to do the things in perfect manner . You feel guilty if you  were not able to do it as perfect as others could . STOP craving for the perfect , the ideal . If you have completed the task ,it’s commendable . Feel pride as you accomplished it fully – Perfect or Just Ok , it’s totally fine . Give yourself a pat .

10. Adventure , Travel and Music

Adventure , Travel and Music make you feel fully alive . They can lift your mood and bring smile back on your face . They rejuvenate your soul . Travel , experience nature , experience new places , different cultures , Listen to music – sing out loud . Take risks and feel the adventure in new experiences .

 my Rafting adventure 

Do you want to listen to a poem on Overcoming Fear ? 

11. Enjoy the journey

Focus always on the journey , not the destination . Work passionately , put all your energy , hope for the best , strive for success but also enjoy the journey of Life . There may be some failures but that doesn’t mean that you lost . It’s not at all a failure if you happily enjoyed the journey . You definitely learn many things on the go .

So Keep Going ! Push yourself ! Enjoy every day ! Stay Happy !

#Prerna wishes you a bundle full of happiness .

Still don’t know what is #Prerna ? Click here





Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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  1. anupriya says:

    A very positive post that talks about how happiness can be included via simple steps in our life. Yes, lets binge on the simple and not wait for the big.

  2. Loved the post! A helpful and informative post

  3. Life is good and this SEO for happiness is perfect.

  4. Will definitely try. Focus on my fitness and stop complaining

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