Weightloss recipes: My 4 Instant & Calorie-Free Snacks

I am a fitness conscious person and nowadays focussing on fitness & weightloss on my blog too under #superbloggerchallenge . The first good thing happened to me during this participation is that I started having green tea . It’s been only few days but I am loving it . Another good thing is that I am trying my hands on some weightloss recipes which can be healthy calorie-free snacks .

Here are some of the weightloss and calorie-free recipes which are nutritious , yummy and can be cooked instantly in minutes .

Quick Masala Idli

When it comes to healthy snacking and weightloss , Idlis are the prefernce .Made from Suji and curd , enhanced with various veggies is a delicious low calorie breakfast recipe which is very light on your stomach , and adding almost nil calories to your body . Idli does not contain any fat or cholesterol. And the best part is that it is a quick recipe .

Add Suji, curd , pinch of salt , and finally eno just before keeping the container in microwave . You just have to microwave for three minutes and Idlis are ready . Take them out and in a separate pan , make a tadka of onion ,green pepper , tomato and other seasonal veggies . Add the ready Idlis , mix well and then serve by garnishing with coriander .

I tried an even quicker version of the Masala Idli recipe . I mixed Suji, curd , all veggies , cheese , coriander , salt , green pepper, red pepper , all together in a container and microwaved it . Simple Idlis get ready in three minutes in microwave but this mixture with all veggies took double the time to be cooked up . But the final taste was just awesome . I loved it . I didn’t have to prepare any extra tadka and so even the very little oil used for tadka could be avoided . The dish became healthier . Isn’t it ? This form of Idli can be one of your daily recipes for weightloss and being healthy.

Quick Masala Idli

Date with Oats

Let’s go on a romantic date with Oats !!

Oats are very high in fibre , hence helpful to reduce constipation. They are gluten free and are a good source of important vitamins , minerals and antioxidants . Oatmeals are very fulfilling and act as a help if you want to lose weight .

I made healthy Oats ladoos . The recipe is an instant one and very nutritious . Can you imagine ladoos without oil /ghee or flour ? Yes they do exist ! Here is how you can use oats for your good health .

Recipe of ‘Date with Oats’ :-

Take 100 gms Oats , Grind them , keep aside . Now take 100 gms seedless dates (khajoor ) , also Grind them and keep aside . Take 50 gm nuts of your choice (peanut ,walnut or cashewnut), grind them separately . Now take a bowl , mix all the grinded ingredients , add a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of peanut butter. Mix it well and roll the mixture into laddoos .( You can add some flexseeds also if you wish )

The ladoos are so filling that a glass of milk taken with an oats laddoo can serve as a filling low calorie breakfast or you can it have for your calorie free dinner.

weightloss recipes

Along with healthy recipes , which tips had actually reduced my inches ?

PeaChana Masala

Roasted Chana and Peanuts are a great source of energy . Roasted or Bhuna Chana is high in fiber , iron and is very low on calorie . It acts as a good friend in your weightloss journey as it keeps you full for longer . Bhuna chana has the power to regulate blood sugar level also and keep your digestive system happy . Peanuts are very high in protein and very less in carbs . Peanuts are also high in vitamin E .

Recipe for PeaChana Masala :-

Here is a healthy , yummy and instant weighloss snack recipe which got many applauds at my home . Take Roasted chana 50 gm , roasted peanuts 50gm in a container and add chopped onions and tomatoes . Add green chilli , salt , black pepper as per taste and top up the mixture with lemon juice and pinch of chaat masala . Transfer the mixture into a plate and serve the tangy chaat with love . If you wish you can add small cheese cubes or any bhujia also into the mixture . I didn’t add cheese into the chaat , rather decorated cheese cubes along the circumference .

You can have try this instant diet/weightloss recipe with your evening tea or when some guests are there at home all of a sudden .

Healthy PeaChana Cheese Chaat

Paneer and Corn Rolls

We all know Cheese provides calcium and protein . It also acts as an aid in weightloss . Corns are rich in minerals and antioxidants .I don’t know much about corn’s other benefits , you can google for that .

Here is another weightloss snack I tried which is healthy and less on calories , keeping my fitness jouney not so boring .

Recipe for Paneer & Corn Rolls :-

Take sweet corn ,microwave for few seconds . Keep aside . Now take cheese ( I took home made paneer ) , mash it properly with hand or you can grate it . Mix Paneer and corns in a container and add salt , pepper as per your taste . Your stuffing is ready . Now It’s time to use bread . Take a breadslice , cut off the edges(but don’t throw ) , roll the slice with belan , add little of stuffing and roll the slice along with the filling . Close it intact with wet hands . In a similar way , roll all breadslices to make raw rolls . Keep them aside for 15 minutes . Now shallow fry them on a nonstick pan . Serve hot with tomato sauce or imli chutney or green chutney.

weightloss recipes

Mushroom Do Pyaza

Are you aware of Mushroom nutrition ? Mushrooms belong to fungi , are foods that are low in fat , cholesterol and calories , they contain fibre and antioxidants too . They contain many other nutrients which can boost your immune system.

Here is a mushroom recipe I tried and fell in love with . As I am a vegetarian , so I am sharing all Veg Weightloss recipes .

Take 250 gm mushroom , wash them (don’t cut them ) and cooker steam once . Let it cool , take out the mushrooms . Now in a nonstick kadai , stir fry Onions(pyaz) cut into long strips , when golden add ginger ,garlic and chopped tomatoes . When the tadka gives a nice fragrance , add the steamed mushrooms and cook it covered for few minutes . Transfer to a bowl , you can add any tangy flavour ( I added oregano ) and garnish with fresh coriander . You can enjoy it as a snack or as a veggie with chapati.

With minimum of oil and calories , If you can have a yummy weightloss dish what else do you need ?

weightloss recipes

These are my recently tried recipes for weightloss snacking . Apart from these some other instant diet recipes in my kitchen are Veggie Oats , Multigrain daliya , besan cheela, Poha or Upma. I may not be an expert in cooking but I somehow do the necessary permutation combination of ingredients , so as to make the diet recipe rich for my taste buds. But at the same time I don’t compromise on my health and fitness consciousness .

For best results , Diet and Exercise play equally important parts . So spare few minutes for exercise also .

Think Healthy , Eat Healthy , Be Healthy .

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Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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