Motherhood titbits that I cherish #Momology


I am a Mom , mom to a beautiful daughter who is 12 years old now . Now at this stage , my daughter has become more like a friend . While sharing our bed at night , she shares her school titbits and I love to listen to the chatterbox along with sharing hugs and kisses . Before we actually go to sleep , we read a story from a book or I myself build one . The other fun activity without which we can’t   go to sleep  is  playing word connect game  on mobile . It’s a good mind exercise for both of us. And I feel happy when most of the time she wins.

Although it seems very cool but Motherhood sometimes exhausts me, may be  because Mind is  trapped in many other responsibilities of life . Getting up early in the morning , packing tiffins for husband , me , my daughter and then myself rushing to the office with no breakfast most of the times , coming in evening , deciding on the way what’s to be prepared in dinner , buy veggies , come home , help daughter in homework , then prepare dinner , & then again worry about the tiffins next day . Sometimes ironing the clothes is left out, or some other time kiddo blows her mouth because mumma didn’t cook her favourite chana-puri-halwa .  O Gosh !  And you know what ? I don’t even  have any maid in this 2019 .  

Yesterday , after successfully finishing all the daily chores when I was finally mopping the kitchen at night, Mr Husband comes and says ” Yar tumne meri white shirt nahi dhoyi ? ” & to add to the flavour , Miss chatterbox comes “ Mumma  I asked you to write a poem on road safety , where is that ? I felt like screaming ” Mummaaa, why did I marry ?” Aise time pe maa hi yaad aati hai

Above written is  the present scenario  I am going through . There have been many screaming moments in the previous years too when Motherhood exhausted me and I tried different ways of energizing myself .

These are my motherhood mantras

i cherish motherhood

Being a Mother, who would motivate me better than me ?  I may be tired or irritated today but I have to  act as a supermom every single day . So what if I am  not  loving it right now , I can take a break but there is no option to quit . After all Motherhood defines me .

How I energized the mother in Me ?

My Motherhood Titbits :-

When I went for shopping to pamper  myself

This was the instance when my daughter was in her first year only . Tired of daily routine and always busy either  in baby’s pee &  poop or milking her , I just  wanted to run away for sometime . I left her with Mom and went shopping . I wanted to buy something latest and trendy for myself but the   salesgirl gave quandary look at my  xxxl size  at that time. Finally at the billing counter , my bag was filled with my kiddo’s tshirts ,pyjamas and frocks . What is this Yaar ?  I wanted to pamper just Myself !?

When I went to my Mom’s place for one night

Making an excuse of my mother not well and Papa not in the town , I requested my hubby and went to my mom’s place for one night . I was feeling relaxed  for no milking , no cooking , no baby cries . I  felt too much cared for when my mumma served me hot dinner while we gossiped along . But after few minutes that place started upsetting my heart . There were no baby cries , no  extended little hands eager to come in my lap . I was missing my little crawling baby and I was missing even her pee & poop. Whose poop could I clean off now? I immediately called my husband how my sweety was doing and I heard her actually crying on phone . My home was just 10 minute away , so I immediately drove back .  Her warm hug made me burst into tears .

When my daughter gave me gyan 

I am reminded of an incident when my daughter was around 7 year old and there was some movie playing on the TV . All of us were having our dinner watching that movie along . There came an ad of Pampers and I  said to her in a babyish tone  “ Baby should I get you Pampers ?”  She was quick enough to answer me “No mumma , Pampers time is over , Girls use Whisper when they grow up” The innocent #Momology gyan my kiddo gave at that time astonished me and energized me too.

Cherish Motherhood

I shared some of my #Momology experiences, some juicy bits of my Motherhood journey . I think every mom experiences many such tit-bits , crazy , messy , happy ,or sad . Whatever kind these are , but I am sure every mom would be treasuring such moments all her life and miss today’s  crazy or overbusy days tomorrow .

Happy Mommying ! Happy #Momology

Hey ! Did you read the above lines in the image? I tried to be rhythmic on cherishing Motherhood . Did you feel the music ?

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Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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5 Responses

  1. Alpana says:

    Going for a solo shopping trip re-energizes me. These days, I hardly get such golden opportunity but sometimes a quick trip to grocery store also helps me.

  2. upasna says:

    It’s a lovely read Monika. You are right- We can’t stay away from our little monmsters for more time. #Momology

  3. Lovely post Monika and I had really enjoyed reading the equation between you and your lovely daughter. I like the idea of visiting mom’s place for one night. I also do that when I get tired of motherhood and household responsibilities. this simple visit always gives new energy. #Momolgy

  4. Aesha Shah says:

    ok, I will comment on your post but first a question: How do you manage without a maid and work and blog? Super Woman!!! you do deserve few days off at your mom’s place. But yes, we can’t stay without our babies. However, now that your daughter is grown up you can. I like that idea. I look forward to visiting my parents home too and like that it isn’t in the same town so I get to stay for a longer duration.

  5. anupriya says:

    Talking to ones mom or visiting her overnight, really helps relax and putting things back in perspective. I loved your narrative.

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