Is Self-Love easy or messy for Women ? #MyValentineMyWay


The world is  celebrating  Valentines day.  As February starts , Love seems to be all around . During the  week long  celebrations  in the name of hug day , teddy day  , rose day …and what not , you can  see the shops and streets flooded with roses , teddies ( tiny keyring size to baby size to huge size ) and couples exchanging gifts , sending lots of kisses to each other on whatsapp , posting pics of their special moments on the social media.

All this appears to be meaningless , stupid or dramebaazi when  your own mind is disturbed , heart too .

How to celebrate the day when you have had a fight with your Valentine ?

When you have  had a squabble at home and the world is getting ready for Valentines day , You start thinking on the terms like “ I would be celebrating Valentine day with myself ” …..”Why does a woman always need a man to celebrate love ?” ……”I love myself more than him , I would pamper myself lots and lots ”

Same is the case with me this time . There are no love celebrations , not even formal wishes , what to say about roses , teddies ,hugs or kisses ? Yup you guessed it right . I had  a quarrel with my husband few days back . You see , a heated argument can keep the home silent for days together . Heehee ! New idiom invented .

Thinking of  Valentines day and the silence at home , I was thinking about celebrating Valentines day  with myself .  #MyValentineMyWay   My mind was  sloping towards Self-Love when  I got to read these lines by a famous author on the internet .

Self-Love : Your happiness and self-worth

“Don’t rely on someone else for your happiness and self-worth. Only you can be responsible for that . If you can’t love and respect yourself –no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are –completely ;the good and the bad –and make changes as YOU see  fit –not because you think someone else wants you to be different “ –Stacy Charter

Yes , why should I rely on someone else for my happiness ? This was  the immediate effect on my mind after reading these lines . My heart did the talking “Yes I love and respect ME and I would love myself even more on this Valentine . I will do what I want . I will pamper myself .” After all it’s all about Self-Love and Self-Love is not at all selfish .

What is Self-love actually ?

Self-love is loving yourself , doing what you want , letting Just Be yourself , lazy or active , playing or sitting idle, whether acting  sweet or bitter to others . Self Love can be just resting on your favourite couch for hours and blogging , it can be sliding in your quilt and watch your favourite show on TV , It can be going movie or parlour with friend . Self-love can be dreaming high and striking your travel bucket list one by one .

But Think – Is Self-Love easy ?

Is Self-Love easy or messy , especially for a woman ?

I am a woman and I think Talking of Self-love is just so easy than a woman actually practicing it completely .

*If a wife doesn’t  want to do any house chores today and wants  just lazing around ,  in the evening when husband comes and sees a messy home , with kitchen sink full of utensils , no food cooked , towel here , socks there , clothes not ironed , what do you think what would be his reaction ? Will there be Love in the air ?

*If a working mother gets late from the office and was unable to look after her child on time , she might have to listen to many negative comments from her family , with the adjectives like a careless mother or an extraordinary dreamer mum . Is she wrong if her office is part of her self-love ?

*If a woman wishes for a divorce because  of her self-respect being attacked , the society might put many kinds of fears in her mind as if she just can’t survive without a man .

O Woman , Self –Love may not be easy going for you but it is not impossible . Family , Society may pose hurdles but keep yourself ahead of all this bullshit .


Habits for a woman to achieve Self-Love :—

  1. Stop worrying too much of others opinions . If they have habit of getting upset , Let them be . You keep yourself cool and make it a point to smile .
  2. Stop seeking permission for little tasks . There is no need   to come up to others expectations all the time.
  3. Stop blaming yourself if you made a mistake or said something hurtful to anybody. Everybody makes mistakes . Everything would be fine again with time .
  4. Stop looking at yourself all the time in the mirror . You are beautiful from inside. Don’t be a slave of your figure or face highlights .
  5. Learn to say NO whenever required. You are not here to please everybody .  Let others also play their  responsibilities .
  6. Nurture one of your hobbies regardless of how old you are. Your age lies in your mind . The other  biological age calculations , let others keep doing .
  7. Take very very good care of your health . That is the ultra important part of Self-love . Your good health makes you powerful . Know how
Smile is my make-up. Travel is my Love .

Celebrate yourself

8. Celebrate yourself – your inner beauty , your face beauty , your thoughts , your actions . Love yourself for whatever you do and enjoy . Be your Valentine .

9. Spend on yourself – Eat healthy , Pamper yourself with travel , dance ,movie ,spa ,shopping  whatever you love .

10. Try Gratitude . Even if you happen to struggle , think about what gifts Life has  blessed you with . More you feel thankful , more you will be blessed .

11.Learn to Let Go . Stop overthinking about Life . Love yourself  and be in the company of people you enjoy with , the ones who boost your morale .

12. Past is gone . Don’t allow it to become heavy on your mind /soul. Be energized about your future .

“Stop lecturing” I am sure you are about to say this to me . OK OK I will stop now . You go and enjoy your Valentines day with your loved ones or just yourself . #MyValentineMyWay

 I just want every woman reading this to be happy , more self-loving and step ahead in life with smile and enthusiasm. Wish you all very happy Valentines Day .

Wait wait Please don’t go .  Just  one thing more. As I told you  that I  had some squabble with my husband and  we are just not talking to each other for the last few days  , But Just now ,you know what happened ? yes just now , as I was  writing this , he gestured to come forward  to me with a warm smile , kissed on my forehead and said with a  light hug “ You don’t look sweet when silent my Chidiya “

Not all days are same !


What I feel about our togetherness and love

Please share with me how you celebrated your day . I would be so happy knowing about you .

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Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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