Can you spare just 30 minutes for your body ? A Tri-Combo fitness routine

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body . You must be thinking “ Yes Yes I know it “ But is your body really healthy ? Is your mind always healthy and happy ? Are you doing something for your body and mind ? Remember the day you suffered just from cold or had mild fever , you just couldn’t  work properly , eat properly and you didn’t even feel like talking to anybody . Even little health problems act worse on your mind , you start feeling unhappy , irritated  and just don’t enjoy anything around us . From minor health problems like fever , cold, acidity, constipation to major health problems like joint pains , heart troubles , health can affect your everyday happiness and increase your stress . Like we say in hindi “ Sehat thik ho tabhi sab kuch achha lagta hai “

You should be especially taking out time from  daily  24 hours to take  good care of your health . You are constantly working , whether at home or office , if none of these then TV or Mobiles. But when it comes to your  own health or fitness you say you are overbusy or you make an excuse of starting tomorrow onwards .


Mind it , if you are eating daily then why not workout daily ? Like you are spending time on TV or social media daily then why not spend some time on  your body also daily ? The latter is more important . No ?

Out of 24 hours , Can you spare just 30 minutes for your body ?

Become Fitness Conscious

Starting from today , make your mind to spare 30 minutes for sure for your body ,your fitness/health . You can decide any fitness routine for yourself as per your body demands . May be the body doesn’t demand because it is too happy  just relax , eat and enjoy Netflix . You have to push yourself .

30 minutes Walk

Start with a 30 minute walking routine. Whatever time is convenient to you, but start right today and be consistent. If possible find a good friend’s company with whom time just runs away gossiping along with brisk walking. Walking has huge number of benefits

Walking-Let’s do it together

30 minutes Yoga

You can start with basic Yoga for 30 minutes . Yoga is very beneficial for body as well as mind . Start with the basic Pranayaams  , they have the power to relax you . You tend to focus just on yourself and that’s what is required .

Yoga – Focus just on yourself

30 minutes Aerobics

If possible you join an aerobics class in the evening .  Difficult is just the beginning . Once you start you would start loving it as you get to have a dance kind of exercise in a group and your body starts responding smilingly . If you are unable to join any class , just open any aerobics session on Youtube , lock your room and jump the steps.

Aerobics – Let the body move and smile

 Tri-Combo Fitness Routine

10 minute Aerobics + 10 minute Jumping +10 minute Yoga

Spending 10 minutes each for Aerobics , Jumping and Yoga can prove to be a very fruitful fitness routine . After a slight warmup , do jump for 10 minutes . It may be normal light jumps on your toes , skipping or criss cross jumping or a combination of these . You may find jumping very tiring during the first few days but  you all know “NO Pain NO Gain “  Push yourself . When you will start feeling the results on your health – may be weightloss or muscle toned up , you would love to jump even more .Now it’s time for some aerobic moves . Enjoy the ten minutes of Aerobics and after you are done with 10 minutes of aerobics and 10 minutes of jumping , now sit down for 10 minutes Yoga and do the poses as per your body requirements or the general Pranayaam which benefits all . This tricombo of Aerobic+Jumping+Yoga  keeps the fitness routine interesting too along with releasing of endorphins .

Push Yourself

So It’s time to reschedule your 24 hours and take some time for your body . It’s time to celebrate valentines with your body . Love your body , spare time for it , make it smile .

Can’t you spare just 30 minutes for your body ?

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Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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21 Responses

  1. Siddhi says:

    Off late my fitness routine has tanked miserably. I am not getting enough motivation or I guess that’s just an excuse. This post literally pushed me to walk out and start my walk regime!

  2. Loved this article!! yoga has always been helpful for me!! #Superbloggerchallenge

  3. Anurag Singh says:

    Hi, this is a very motivating post

    Please help me to reduce my tummy fat if you know some good exercise as nothing seems to help me

  4. Very well put article. It is important to appreciate the idea of healthy living n without exercise it is not possible.

  5. I personally love yoga and this blog post is really important.

  6. Snehal Joshi says:

    can you spare 30 mins for your body? yes definitely also consistency is the key. Very nice article..

  7. I love walking and spending time with Mother Nature. Good post, Monika. Glad to be connected again here 🙂

  8. anupriya says:

    Waah! this sounds interesting and doable. I am going to try this some time in near future. And am glad that you have found this fitness regimen useful

  9. 10*3 with focus on mind and body sounds great. I would try to include this in my daily routine

  10. This is an eye-opener to give equal importance to health as well. Thank you for providing much information, will try to follow.

  11. Novemberschild says:

    Since childhood we have heard our elders saying that ‘health is wealth’, however, only a few of us have actually realized the importance of physical fitness and made it part of our lifestyle. Good health does not only mean to have a body free from diseases but it refers to complete mental, physical, spiritual, and social well-being of a person.

  12. Rashmi says:

    Completely agree with you Monika. I’ve tried a combination of aerobics, zumba and yoga. If I’m not onto some daily routine of exercise, at least I make sure to go for a walk. Do any form of exercise. But keep your mind and body healthy and happy.

  13. Pri says:

    A pointcwell made. Thirty minutes fly so fast in a library or movie hall, but try working out and they will feel like a lifetime…sigh!

    Your post has motivated me to get my act together and try out this fitness regime. Let’s just hope the motivation is still there when i wake up tomorrow.

  14. Neha Sharma says:

    Very inspiring post. You are absolutely right if we can eat & do our usual stuff on daily basis then why can’t we take out 30 mins from our day for our own health & well being. I have taken up a challenge this year to get fit & bring lifestyle changes. It’s not easy but am sure it will be worth in the end.

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