4 Self-Care Mantras that ease my Life

Self-Care is not at all selfish . It is a very important aspect of our life . Self-Care means taking care of our body,mind and soul . We all need to devise few self-care tips or mantras that can ease our life and let us feel calm, stress-free and happy . We can spread happiness around only when we ourselves are happy . Isn’t it ?

Let me share some of my personal Self-care mantras that ease my life and let me Be Calm :–

1. My Prayers

I spend only 4-5 minutes in my daily prayer when I light up the diya in the small little puja corner of my home and I just stand with folded hands and eyes open  . The picture of Lord Krishna in Baalroopa in my little temple keeps me mesmerized .  It’s only occasional that I chant some aarti  also .Prayer shouldn’t mean only  demanding from God . As Mahatma Gandhi said ” Prayer  is a longing of the soul. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”  It’s not necessary that we sing some religious songs or mantras for our prayers . Just spend few minutes trying to connect with the supreme power ,  feel positive vibes , confess your mistakes , ask for strengths & overcome your weaknesses .

2. My Physical Fitness & Health 

Physical fitness should be  one of the top-most priority . I follow few tips for my fitness – few workouts  for maintaining my body weight , including nuts and fruits in daily diet or trying to avoid refined sugar . A healthy body is energetic and is always ready to work passionately . You know there was a time when I weighed around 90 kg and then I invented my own weightloss plan , followed it sincerely  to lower my size from XXL to XL.

You can read my weightloss journey here .

I would like to confess one thing here that As I am ageing , I think I should include more of milk or women’s horlicks in my daily diet . But actually tea and coffee taste much better . What should I do ? How do I become determined to have milk daily ? Can you help me ?

3. Better You go Mad

Have you ever heard of this mantra ” Better you go Mad ” ? I am sure you haven’t. Ok let me tell you . My dad tells me about what he once read outside a shop in a town of Punjab . The shopkeeper had the following written on a board :

You demand credit , I give , I demand it back , You return not , I go Mad .

You demand credit , I give not , You go Mad.

Better is that You go Mad .

HeeHee ! This was written by the shopkeeper just to highlight “No credit ,only cash ” . It was his way of saying NO to the borrower in his  tooty-footy funny  English . I use this ‘Better You go Mad” as my secret mantra for saying NO in certain situations . Are you getting me ? There are many times such  situations when we are confused about  saying NO to people . We want to say NO but we somehow  feel compelled to say YES to every person’s request . We don’t want to annoy others although saying YES may annoy us  , may leave zero time for ourselves . So Why continue with YES everytime ? If my  YES may make me Mad , Then won’t it be better to say NO ? Being unable to say NO may leave us stressed and irritable . So Learn to say NO .

Well there are certainly  times when we should say YES and even go out of the way to help our family and friends in need . But occasional NO is a good self-care mantra which we should follow .

4. ME-Time

We all should spend some quality time  ‘ME Time’- the time when you do the things you love , something that brings smile on your face . For me , ME Time is listening to music , reading , writing , watching movies , having  a good massage  , play  carrom with my daughter or Do Nothing Let’s prioritise self-care and include at least half an hour of ME-Time in our routine . It is the best source of rejuvenation .

Apart from the above 4 fundamental self-care mantras ,   few other self-care tips if kept in  mind ,can prove helpful  to remain  Calm and happy  :

How to be calm ?

  • We all make mistakes . When things go wrong ,forgive yourself .
  • To cry is not a sign of the weak .
  • We all have difficult times . “This too shall pass”
  • I am not here to solve all the problems .
  • I am not here to please everybody .
  • Remind yourself that you are loved .
  • Remind yourself of your strengths .
  • Appreciate yourself . Before going to bed , notice 3 things you did good today .
  • It’s time to Slow down . It’s good to take a break. It’s good to pamper yourself .
  • Express Gratitude .

What are your personal  self-care mantras or tips ? Do share your views  as   I take a leave from you to pamper myself at a  massage session .  After all , Self-Care is not selfish . And pampering ourselves is good for health .

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Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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13 Responses

  1. Anita says:

    Good writeup

  2. SUJATA TAWDE says:

    Hello Monika , your SElf-care mantras are so inspiring and easy to follow , I sure many readers will benefit from this post. #MyFriendAlexa #SujatawdeReads

  3. Neha Jain says:

    Thank you for sharing.. this is such a nice way to make your life easier

  4. Lovely post… I have been tryng to master “better you go mad” for ages… One day…

  5. Aditi Kapur says:

    Nice post on self-care. Women often neglect this part in their lives.

  6. Pri says:

    Your ‘Better you go mad’ mantra got me grinning. A wonderful reminder of self-care, gratitude and staying at peace.
    I practice most of these. But I need to keep reminding myself of your ‘Better you go mand’ mantra every now and then 😀
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. writenlive says:

    ‘Better You go Mad’…
    Ha ha ha. I loved this one. I am a Punjabi so I can completely visualise the scene and the language.
    I am going to put this phrase up in my room.

  8. Ila Varma says:

    Agree with you.
    #MyFriendAlexa #ilaenjoys #Blogchatter

  9. Charu says:

    Self care is a must and not selfish at all. Nice post.

  10. Neeraj says:

    I tried it on my wife….and as a result we (me and my daughter) are in kitchen and cooking Maggie….for 5 days …:)


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