Less is More or More is Less ? Benefits of Minimalism Lifestyle Concept #LetUsKISS #MyFriendAlexa

As I told you that in this month of  September I am participating in  the blogging campaign #MyFriendAlexa by the team Blogchatter.    For this month long blogging festival , I have decided a theme in which I would be sharing few thoughts ,  quotes or ideas which can help keeping your life simple and calm . My  Theme is :  #LetUsKISS . What is this theme  about ?  Well  It’s an acronym for KEEP IT SIMPLE But  SIGNIFICANT .

#LetUsKISS –Let us keep it Simple But Significant

Today all of us seem to have a very complex life .  We are most of the times  in a hurry  and feel  stressed . The reason may be our family , our boss , the traffic jam we faced on road , the messed up kitchen at home,   the EMIs which we have to pay ,  or may be some other reason  . But this is for sure that something or the other keeps our mind  cluttered .    Let’s try working on de-cluttering our lives step by step .

Let’s start today with the subject – Less is More or More is Less ?? What do you think ? Do you feel you possess less than others ? Do you feel your friends have bigger house or bigger car than you have ? Do you often feel that your wardrobe is short of the latest dresses and accessories ? Have you any time carefully watched your house ? Isn’t it too much cluttered ? Isn’t your wardrobe overflowing ? Isn’t your crockery cabinet just overpacked and that too with the plates and kettles that you haven’t used in the last many years ? The point is that there is much more stuff in our home than we actually need . But still that More  feels  Less to us and we continue buying this or that .  Ideally ,   Less should feel like More . I want to highlight the Minimalism  Lifestyle Concept .  What is this Minimalism ?  Few months ago , this word was new even for  me . After reading many articles on the subject I found the following definitions :

**Minimalism is freedom from the passion to possess . It is about understanding that we are not born just to accumulate Things .

**Minimalism is the promotion of the things we value most and removal of everything that distracts us from it .

**Minimalism is working on the things which make us really happy and this happiness should be long lasting . Ok let’s talk of few examples :

What do you feel is more worth for  —the money you spend for shopping  unnecessarily on a Sale or money used for going on a vacation  ? When do you feel more good about yourself —while packing your house with this or that stuff  or while you just close your eyes  and listen to your favourite music ?  What has the power to bring a smile on your face  –your Big car , your Big house , or just a hearty laugh with a friend ? What stresses you —your almirah and bed-boxes overflowing with clothes or the almost empty room with a small bed and a book to be read  ? Well these are just few examples for us to analyze ourselves .

**Minimalism can prove to be a great tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favour of focussing on what’s important – so you can find happiness , fulfillment and freedom .

**Minimalism means living a simple , clutter -free life .

KISS – Keep it Simple But Significant . Yes , Keep your house simple . Just keep all the necessary things  which you actually need and get rid of all others .   There is no need to buy the stuff  just because you have the money to buy . Adopt the Lifestyle –   “Less is More ”  and  you achieve many benefits :

1. You are benefitted financially : Get rid of all unnecessary things out of your home , sell them or donate them but just move them out . And try to get away from those ‘feel like shopping’ moments when you just shop for clothes or shoes because they were highlighted so beautifully in the showroom or you were provoked by the SALE . I understand it may not be that  easy because today’s trend of  consumerism  drives us crazy .  But we have to try to Stop this Trend . Buy Less , Buy only the Required , Own New but get rid of Old at the same time . Don’t clutter . I am trying to follow the Minimalism approach . You should also try . I am sure this can make us happier .

2. You enjoy freedom : There is a quote by Mother Teresa ” More you have , more occupied you are . Less you have , more free you are ” That’s so true. Isn’t it ? More is the stuff you have , more is the time you need to organise it , clean it . Why not try Minimalism where you own minimal stuff  and enjoy the freedom from the management of stuff . When I  went for decluttering  our book almirah and crockery cabinet , I donated many of the old story books or puzzle books to  a nearby village school children . Out of the crockery cabinet came out  the tea set which my mom had gifted me in my marriage . And can you imagine I did not use it even once in so many years  . No doubt it was beautiful along with  beautiful memories of my marriage , but I didn’t give it a second thought to just give it away to my maid , along with many other  cups and casseroles . Now the cabinet is easily able to breathe and so do I .

3.  Less is the clutter in your home , lesser is the stress : When your home environment is minimalist , there is less visual stress . Less visual stress  helps ease your mind stress too .

4. You can utilize your time  in buying experiences than buying just the things : The material possessions  don’t guarantee you  happiness . That happiness syndrome you feel after shopping lasts only for a while . But the experiences last for a lifetime . So buy experiences – spending time with your loved ones or going out for vacation at your favorite beach destinations ,  just enjoying the cool breeze after rain during your evening walk or just relaxing in your sofa and listening to your favourite music .I am sure such moments bring long lasting happiness . Spend time with the Real Yourself and feel the difference . Keep your life Simple but Significant . Let’s together work on the Significant aspects of Life– Happiness ,Kindness , Fitness , Oneness . 

5. Utilize a part of your money for helping others:  Earn money , lot of money but use some of it for helping others also . There are many who will shower you with blessings when they receive even a little help from you . Be Kind . As recently when there were devastating floods in Kerala , lakhs of people got affected and the life there  has still not come on a smooth track , we could  just avoid one day shopping or dining out so as to help mankind . The contentment you get on helping someone is just incomparable to any other thing .   At the end of your life , what  really matters  is  the happy memories  ,  the opportunities when you  served others or the times when you listened to your heart .

For helping Kerala You can go here

So let’s adopt the Minimalism approach to life – “Less is More ” Let there be more time and greater appreciation for the things that are really Significant .

#LetUsKISS – Let us keep it Simple but Significant


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Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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17 Responses

  1. Navita Bhatia says:

    I strongly agree with each and every point and Benifit mentioned by you Mona. I can definitely relate to it as I had been a continuous admirer of minimalism throughout my life. But sometimes, there are other factors too , besides our personal liking or disliking, who play a major role in making decisions on ‘whether to buy or not’ or ‘whether to keep or not’. But of course, we should keep on trying to find a balance

  2. Atulmaharaj says:

    This is a beautiful post. Minimalism is the way forward and I truly liked the point that talks about buying experiences than things. Beautiful.

  3. Very well said. In this day and age minimalism is the stepping stone to keep positivity around you. The less you own the more you are at peace. Indeed Less is more.
    I loved your thought process and the way you have articulated your thoughts.

  4. Sunita Rani says:

    This is as our old indian saints said live with sanjam. Don’t collect much as it will be difficult to handle. New concept is minimalism well said. We should follow it. Good writing

  5. Heartwarming post, Monika. You have justified your minimalist lifestyle very nicely. You know, my word for the year 2018 is Minimalism, And I also agree that “Life Is Happier when I Feel Less Is More”. Joining hands with you in #LetUsKISS.

  6. Ruby Singh says:

    I strongly agree with every point that you have mentioned here.

  7. Minimalism is indeed the key to a stressfree living and happiness.

  8. zainab says:

    I definitely feel less is more. 🙂

  9. Mann says:

    Being in a transferable job, I often restrict myself from buying too much stuff for house. But I confess, my cupboards do come on face most of the times when opened ;). Giving up on clothes is hard but I am feeling motivation. May be it is time for a change.
    #mannreads from http://orientalafterglow.com

  10. Lavanya says:

    Excellent point. We are too much attached to things we never use and may possibly not even want. Loved the concept.

  11. I love minimalism. It keeps me away from stress. Easy to clean, easy to organize and utilize things effectively. Sadly, my spouse is yet to get a hang there. So, I try to keep things in my control minimal, like my wardrobe, skincare products etc. Monica, I would like to know how your family handles with minimalism. Do share.

  12. I agree with you about minimalism. We know the importance of minimalism when we move houses. Less is better and less clutter is a lot easier.

  13. Agreed. Minimalism helps you lead an uncluttered life.

  1. September 17, 2018

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