Who lifts your spirits ? #tuesdayphotochallenge

The theme for this week’s #tuesdayphotochallenge is Lift . Here is my take on the theme .

His mere presence is enough to lift my energy level , enhance my mood and bring a smile on my face . His belief in my abilities motivates me to work with greater strength . His warm love , care and support have the power to make me free from all worries and feel like a child again . He is the one who always lifts me higher —right from lifting me up in his arms when I was a child  to  lifting my spirits  even today .  That special person is none other than my  Dad . Love you Dad !!


Me with my Dad . We took this pic on 26 Aug 2018 on the sacred festival of Rakshabandhan


Surround yourself with the people who are going to lift your spirits .

Have you ever thought who is that person in your life who  lifts you spirits ? Please reply in the comments below .



Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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10 Responses

  1. Sunita Rani says:

    Hello mam. In these days you are that person who lifts my spirit. Thanks a lot

  2. Anita says:

    Very lucky you are dear .Father is really a good friend .

  3. We all that one person who lifts our spirits. In my case, it is my son. Interesting write up.

  4. Rashi Mital says:

    Such a heartwarming post, Monika. Dad’s are so special and you’re right, one who always lifts up our spirits, lifts us up when we fall, lifts us up even after marriage. I share the same bond with my father. Lovely post. #LiveItYoungReads #MyFriendAlexa

  5. Varsh says:

    This post is special, Monika. You know why, because Dads are special in our lives. 🙂

  6. i just adore your interpretation of the prompt! lovely story!

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