Why Women must pursue some hobbies ?

Women should pursue some hobbies , something that they do just for themselves . When you have an identity , then people respect you else you could be taken for granted says the Bollywood great actress Madhuri Dixit .

When it’s the women we are talking about , most of the women are just constantly busy performing their daily responsibilities , maintaining work-family balance , with hardly any time left for their own . If you ask any woman “What special did you do today for yourself ?” Answer would be in an astonishing gesture ” Just for myself ?? No No ….There’s no time left just for myself . ” If you ask any woman “Did you cook something of your choice in the past few days?” Answer would be ” I am a mother ,I have to cook as per my child’s or my husband’s wish otherwise they just don’t eat ” If you ask any woman “What is your hobby ?” The question just puts her in the thinking mode . The thing is that Women often forget what they really love or just can’t manage the time or the family situations to pursue the work which gives them real happiness . Here come Madhuri Dixit’s above said inspiring words for every woman to definitely  pursue some hobby .


If you are a woman who is not pursuing a hobby , your reason may be – I don’t have time , I am working woman , I am so busy , It’s time to take care of my children’s hobbies not mine , Cooking has become  my favourite hobby  , hobbies are a thing of past when I was young or unmarried . Well your reason may be any of these or any other excuse but believe me it’s an excuse . Yes EXCUSE ! You can’t call cooking as your hobby  , unless you have taken it on a professional level . And please don’t call watching TV or spending time on FB as your hobby .

As Madhuri Dixit says “If you have an identity then people would respect you otherwise you could be taken for granted ” So true it is .

Women !! Bring Alive your hobby once again . And allow me to remind you the benefits of pursuing a hobby .

1.  You will feel relaxed

When maintaining work-family balance becomes a stress factor , it is essential to do something just for yourself . Developing and pursuing a hobby has proved to be a stress management technique .  When you are doing the work that you really love , something that gives you real happiness , the feel good hormones are bound to be released .

2. Improves physical and emotional Health

If you develop some hobbies like meditation or yoga , it improves physical health . And if your hobby is not kind of physical activity , it is certain that any hobby you pursue  improves your emotional health . Playing mind games as a hobby can revive your creative mind . The creativity can  bring back the harmony in your mind .Hobbies are a great exercise for the brain , they can help reduce  anxiety and depression from your life .

3. You will meet the ‘Real Yourself’

By exploring some hobbies you really enjoy , you may discover some of your hidden qualities . You may be surprised to find  the leadership skills  inside you or some other aspects that are a strength of your personality . You may come out as a good writer , quick music learner or a creative painter . You just need to devote some time to explore and meet the ‘Real Yourself’ . Start honing your skills or learn a new one . Believe me It will boost your confidence .

4. You will find yourself efficient at any task you do 

As women , we definitely have many additional responsibilities being a wife /mother . We have to manage our home , take care of child’s studies also , worry about cooking , worry about maids . So often Time Factor is the biggest excuse we give . But finding   time for your hobby too among all other life routines requires time management tricks . Once you are able to learn those tricks , they help you to be efficient at any task you do . My hobby nowadays is reading /writing. Because I actually love this , I automatically manage to find  time for this .

Life is short . Time is invaluable . Let’s just not spend it  completing the job  responsibilities , finishing the daily domestic chores , or doing more and more  to make Others happy . We are responsible for making ourself also happy . Let’s keep some time just for ourselves too  . #MeTime  . Have time for something you love , pursue a hobby  and  see the magic !!

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Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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10 Responses

  1. Fantastic write up and I completely agree with you.

  2. smitha says:

    this is really so wonderful loved reading it…

  3. what a coincidence, I had written this week’s post on similar kind of subject. great thoughts and agree with each point. indeed, it is very important that women should have their own identity, hobbies, and passion. otherwise, life will become monotonous and boring.

  4. Agree with you. Women must pursue their hobbies and passion. It breaks monotony in life. #MondayMotivation

  5. I love dancing.. havnt persued that hobby yet. I love writing and hence started blogging #MondayMotivation

  6. arv! says:

    At some point of time in life when kids have taken off women are left alone. The hobby will make life interesting and provide a purpose. Certainly, hobby is important.

  7. Chandres says:

    Surely , everyone must follow their hobby no matter how vague it seems to outer world … #myfriendalexa #fotwreads

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