Three is a crowd #Barathon2018

“Three is perfect ” Seema had said it with tears in her eyes while Rajiv caressed her as she was brought out of the operation theatre on a stretcher .

Twenty five years ago , Seema took the quick decision of undergoing tubectomy as she just didn’t want  any chance of having another baby . Actually doctors had detected their first child Suraj  as moderately MR.   She decided to focus all her attention taking care of their differently abled son , burrying her and Rajiv’s heartful desire of having a perfect family of four .

The parents strived hard  to transform their differently abled son to a perfectly abled son ,  taking care of his smallest needs or undergoing various kinds of the therapeutic procedures.

Time passed , Life moved on  . Seema was left alone as a heart attack took away Rajiv from her life while Suraj’s job plus marriage moved him to another city.

Yesterday only , Seema arrived  in the city at his son’s house and today , she overheard him whispering to his wife ” Do something yaar , Three is a crowd ”

This post is submitted as a part of #Barathon2018 and the topic of the day is Three is a Crowd

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