Yes ! You are beautiful as you are ! Be Yourself O Woman ! #BlogchatterA2Z

                                                                        BE YOURSELF O WOMAN !

Woman – whom God has given the role of a creator , makes the first definition of beauty. The womb where a seed finds its place to settle, grow and get nourished , is beauty . The placenta which develops to provide oxygen and other nutrients to the baby inside , is beauty . The umbilical cord which connects your and your baby’s soul , is beauty . Yes you are the creator O Woman ! Nobody else has been given the power as beautiful  to form a  baby from a tiny  seed . You are beautiful as you are O Woman ! And please never ever doubt this , even when some others do . Be Yourself .

Talk to yourself daily in the mirror ” Yes ! I am beautiful as I am “

As a woman , you play many roles in your life and live greater number of responsibilities than men . But still sometimes you feel low , the reason may be the daily household stress or some harsh  pointers  thrown at  you being a woman .  Don’t let the circumstances force to change the real You . Be yourself and say to your innerself  ” Yes ! I am beautiful as I am “.  Your opinion of yourself matters a lot .


Make a balance between your happiness quotient and your patience quotient

Often , as a woman , the patience theory has been instilled in us since birth . The patience theory consists of many attributes like patience , quietude  , compromise , emotions , etc. etc. But what about our happiness quotient ? Are your  patience quotient and happiness quotient directly proportional ? Well , may be to some extent . You make compromises and adjustments in the family , be  a YES woman all the time , and you are able to see a happy atmosphere . But the moment you say NO to a thing or assert for  something , the atmosphere gets cluttered . But Be Yourself ! Let others understand your barrier  voltage . Don’t allow others to keep testing your patience all the time .

Say NO and Mean it

Saying NO to him even when your partner is in a mood , is perfectly fine . You don’t have to be His happiness slave in the bed  every time just because you are married to him.  You may be tired , stressed or simply just don’t feel like enjoying it at that moment . After all it’s not about  only one being happy. So say NO , directly or indirectly and mean it .

Say NO and Mean it when your backward family wants you to go for girl fetus abortion .  Say NO when you see or feel any kind of abuse to women , anywhere . Say NO to age old ridiculous norms made just for females . Even at many other instances in the life , you have to learn to say NO , be  at your job workplace or in your kitchen where you are ordered to cook different dishes and not even paid . The upkeep of the home has been assigned exclusively to women . Why ? Be yourself ! You are not here to live just  the way others want .

Beauty begins the moment you decide to Be Yourself

If you keep worrying or caring about what other people think of you or want from you , you will always be their prisoner . Be yourself . No need to ask for a permission every time . No need to worry about others’ reactions . Let others adopt your wants and reactions too .  Come out of the old fearful thinking . Do what makes you happy , even if  that’s something weird . Start  to live your hobbies , Start living your dreams . Find out that one thing which you really like , something that helps you forget time, something which just does’t stresses you to be awake early in the morning or late till  night . You are beautiful O Woman ! Love yourself . Start living your life beautifully ! Your ‘Be Yourself’ attitude can help you in living a peaceful life .

Don’t let yourself sink in the stupid societal mindsets

I think the negative thoughts weigh more and conquer more of our brain space . Get conscious of your thoughts , think which thoughts disturb you more . Are they out of fear of society or the age old mindsets or are they because of your weakness  ? Come out of all  those .  Step forward to face and overcome any of your weaknesses. The societal  norms would take time to change but don’t let yourself sink in those stupid societal mindsets which are always seeing woman as a different kind of human being , as someone who can be scorned . Make your own norms .









Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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