#Weakness- Don’t consider my Kindness as my Weakness #BlogchatterA2Z #Astitva

W stands for Weakness

A piece of fiction –“A woman” as described by her husband

She was a kind heart . She always loved me and  my  family . She never boasted of her doctorate although married to just a graduate .From day one of marriage she supported me in my business both physically and financially .

She was a kind heart . She stood by me  in the bad times too when my business suffered huge losses . She proved herself to be my better half from all aspects even while my own family denied to support me . She  took care of all the family expenditures , never with a burden . Many times she acted ignorant of my stealing from her purse  for my drinks . She always praised me in front of others , even in front of her parents whom I often criticized .

She was a kind heart . She maintained the family peace even when I made the business losses as an excuse for drinking . She didn’t want any bad effect on our infant . She remained calm even on that day when I dared to raise my hand . Rather she handled me emotionally , like a kid , to take me out of frustration and may be depression .

She was a kind heart . She didn’t  want to make the news public when  Police encountered me for public drinking and nuisance . She was a kind heart , courageous  too . She came to my rescue and signed for my guarantee.  Along with my bail papers , she handed me another paper . I was shocked reading  that paper . Actually I never expected a divorce notice . She was a kind heart , not a weak heart .

My thoughts on  A Woman’s Weakness

Woman is by nature a kind heart but many times it appears as if others want to take advantage of her kindness and her feminine nature . She is supposed  to become silent to maintain peace in the family , she is to make compromises to continue a happy married life , she is to leave her job to take care of child , she is to adjust even with a troubling spouse to avoid the stigma of a single mother , etc etc . Isn’t all this a kind of enslavement ? Woman is kind but not weak . She is ready to make sacrifices but knows how to fight too .  She loves you deep by heart  but has the guts to withdraw too if she doesn’t find reciprocation. Don’t consider her kindness as her Weakness .



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