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It’s a global world and there are n number of persons going abroad either for work or studies . Studying in an international university or working with one of the top MNC is every body’s dream . Almost in every family , one or the other member is already settled there or is planning to go . After you have decided your country , your course or the work you want to do ,  the very first step  afterwards which you need to take when you start planning in this direction , is the English test which is a mandatory condition for assessing your hold of the language . The country where you want to go , wants to make sure that you would be able to communicate well in the new country . When you go to a new country , initially you would have to face lot many challenges and if you are not well verse with their language , it might become harder for you . So the test of English language is a must and you also should score good marks in that test to get your study visa or other visa quickly sanctioned .

Till date I knew only of IELTS test which is the short form for International English Language Testing System. The test is conducted across the country at many centres all year through .The test tests your four skills – reading , writing , listening and  speaking . The test is paper based test and the duration is around 3 hours . You need to book test 1-2 months in advance if you want to opt centre of your choice and the result is declared after 13 days of your appearance in exam .

Recently I came to know about another English language  test PTE Academic which is equally  valid for study or work visa across the globe , by universities  , colleges or governments . PTE stands for Pearson Test of English . Pearson is the world’s leading  learning company . It is working across the globe – USA , Canada , China , Japan , NewZealand , Australia and all other countries . In India too , this company is already into field of publishing books for all classes or provide smart learning classes in schools . You can go here to know more about Pearson India . 

PTE Academic

The English test PTE Academic is trusted almost in every country and the process of the test is fast and secure . If we compare it with IELTS , then IELTS is paper based exam while PTE is computer based exam . Even your speaking skill test is conducted  by the computer , you speak to a computer . The test is conducted at an authorized centre where you are alotted a computer . Finish the test and get the results within 5 days . I think this is one of the major advantages over IELTS as sometimes , the candidate is in a hurry to apply for some course .

When I lost an opportunity due to  IELTS late result declaration

I remember my time when few years back , there knocked an official  opportunity to go to Canada .  I was unlucky to be the last one to come to know of this .  The application required a  valid IELTS score .    That time I knew almost nothing about how IELTS worked . I went to the nearest centre and asked for booking a test . They said I would have to  go out of city as all seats within the city were booked till next 2 months . I was ready to go out of city also but they gave me  the  test date 5nd June and 15th June was the last day to submit application for Canada . As I was enquiring everything , that was the time I came to know that if I gave the test on 5th , my result would be declared on 18th , as IELTS result is declared after 13 days  . And I calculated that  last date of my application would be gone .  I still regret  that. I wish PTE was there which would have given me quick results within 5 days . So I find the result declaration  of PTE within  5 days a big advantage .

PTE tests speaking , writing ,  reading , listening , all on computer .  The first part is speaking and writing together which is around 90 minutes , then reading is of 30 minutes and listening is around 60 minutes .  The total  3 hour test has many type of questions , from multiple choice to graph interpretations and all. To know about some sample tests , you can go to PTE . You can register there and first try some  free sample questions and then you can order some more practice tests . All this is for your proper preparation help so that sitting in the comfort of your home , you can prepare everything .

I personally did try this practice session for free sample questions . I registered there and had a feel of what type of the questions are asked .  Here is what it looked like :




I tested myself on the first two  free sample tests of listening  and reading . I immediately got my results for self assessment . I think PTE provides much  to prepare you for the actual test , you can chose from wide range of practice packages . The fees of PTE is around 11000 INR plus GST .

PTE has many advantages  :

1. Computer based

2. Quick results

3. Worldwide recognition

4. Tests conducted all through the year

I am going to recommend it to everybody in my circle ( myself too ) whose mind is  dreaming , flying  or planning  to go abroad . #DefinitelyPTE

Please visit Pearson website and also read all terms and conditions with your university  or work abroad before hand. 




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    I like your simple explanation about PTE academic.. By the way , your Youtube video thumbnail seem like your video is not working, but actually it’s still working..

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