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Rape is the most common and the worst crime against women . In India , the Rape cases are too much on rise with not even a single newspaper ever void of any Rape news . The statistics say that every year around 40000 Rape cases are reported in India , and if we calculate  , it comes out to be 109 rapes every day in India . How shameful ! How can anyone call this country developed or developing where such sexual assault is a daily act . I think the world has started to recognise India as the Rape capital of the world . What a wonderful title ! Shouldn’t every Indian be proud of this title ?  Out of all the Rape cases , 91%  of the cases go unreported as the victims fear back attacks and humiliation . During the last few years , some horrific  Rape incidents got widespread media attention and the result is that now the willingness to report has increased much by most of the victims .

Nirbhaya’s Rape Case 

The date 16 Dec . is remembered by every Indian woman as it was the day of Nirbhaya Rape Case . The  23-year-old Jyoti    was  returning home at night along with one of her male friends.  They had boarded a bus and that bus journey proved to be  the worst  part of their life .  The accused  had  dragged the girl to the backside of the bus . Jyoti was gang raped in the bus while the bus was still moving . She was sexually  tortured with iron rods and then she and her male friend were thrown out of the moving  bus . The young girl was  intensely assaulted physically as well as emotionally . Her intestines had cracked causing lot of internal bleeding . The incident shook the nation . She underwent many surgeries within few days but finally she closed her eyes forever . What was  the innocent girl’s fault that she had to fall prey to six criminals , with one of them juvenile. The girl’s original name was Jyoti but she was titled as ‘Nirbhaya’ , meaning fearless , but this Nirbhaya incident has made many other  women of the country , fearful .

Unnao Rape Case

This is another rape case which happened in a village of district Unnao ,UttarPradesh . On 4th June 2017 , a woman complained and accused a local MLA of raping her when she had gone to his house seeking assistance for employment . Later , after many months of the Rape incident , the MLA’s brother and associates have been accused of killing the Rape survivor’s father . What was the fault of this girl who was just seventeen years old ? Yes I think she had (has) the biggest fault – that she is a woman .

Asifa Bano Rape Case , Kathua

The recent gangrape case in the city of Kathua in Jammu &Kashmir is gaining widespread attention . The nation is in a rage . This is the crime of abduction , Rape and murder of an 8 year old girl Asifa  Bano which happened in Jan 2018. And this barbaric crime was committed inside the premises of  a religious place . Asifa was drugged before and then raped multiple times by different men and then strangulated to death .  Eight people , including   4 police officers have been arrested and charged over the crime . You see the nation protectors are committing such a brutal crime and that too on a sweet innocent girl . One of the accused specially calls his son if he also wants to satisfy his lust . And that son comes running hundreds of kilometers to obey his dad .  What a shame on India , Is  the country  effectively running the campaign #BetipadaoBetibachao  or is it #BetaRapeKaro ? How sick !

Lots of candle  marches and rallies are being conducted demanding justice for Asifa and all the women of the country . Our Mr Primeminister says that justice would be ensured . Our respected Mr President calls such acts heinous and says that it’s the collective responsibility of the society to ensure such things do not happen in the future . But Dear Mr Primeminister and Mr President , don’t comfort us only by your words . ‘Justice would be ensured ‘ such words now have started meaning untrustworthy . The severe kind of injustice, RAPE ,  has been done , now what kind of justice  you plan to  give to the victim( or her family if victim is not  alive ) ? Just by putting the accused behind bars for few years won’t solve the purpose . The accused need to taste the similar crime  trauma themselves . How much pain it can offer you or depress you mentally , the culprits need to be taught practically . Like in countries like China , the strict punishment for Rape is castration or shoot the culprit . India needs such laws urgently. .

When a woman is just seen as a sex object , a hole the man can penetrate , how can we even talk of the word gender quality ? And you know  Now the word gender equality also disturbs us ( by ‘us’  I mean women) . Because if sex or lust or Rape is all what is there in a man’s head , then we women just don’t want to be equal to men .  If the male can’t control himself of committing such crime, then certainly not , we women just don’t want to equate to such male mentality . If a male can easily forget moral values  only for making his genital organ happy , then Men , you  better  understand that women don’t even consider  to make such mentality  equations . When everywhere there are Rapes , rapes and rapes , whether she is few months old or she is in twenties or seventees , then obviously the families get  feared of giving birth to  daughters  ,causing foeticide , then how to protect the girl child or increase the sex ratio ?

If you google rapist psychology then it talks of Rape as male’s sexual gratification or the desire to prove control over women . But the former reason is the major one .  If sexual gratification is all what he needs then there should be provided some robotic women  with whom males can commit such acts , satisfying their penis without harming any of the real human beings . The technology has advanced so much . It’s time the technology provides something of the sort to satisfy male without assaulting the female .

The Male Indian Culprit   Society , when will you change ? When will you really  start respecting a woman ? When will you start seeing her as a human being and not just a hole or a sex object ? How many more Nirbhaya or Asifa you want to assault and murder ? When will your sex lust be satisfied ? When will you start behaving human ?




Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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5 Responses

  1. Kalpana says:

    The number of rapes that are happening are tragic and show how little women are considered as human beings. You rightly said it – sex objects.

  2. Sadly, our country is beating its own low everyday!!! Time for us to get up and kill this evil monster from our society instead of waiting for the system to change as it looks like never going to happen #Superbloggerchallenge #Instacuppa

  3. Rashmi says:

    No doubt, rape is the most heinous crime done by the most cruel and heartless men. Don’t know for how long our girls would suffer and be afraid to venture out alone. Accused should not be abandoned. They should be punished in the same manner as they did with the victim.

  4. Dipika Singh says:

    Humanity has stooped so low today, words or expressions are not enough but actions.

  1. April 22, 2018

    […] we talk of women in India , the picture is very frightening as on date  . The crime on the top is Rape . This is the crime women fear the most , as it shatters  the woman’s body and soul . […]

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