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J  stands for JUDGED .



A piece of fiction on the word  JUDGED

Renu was a working girl in her twenties. She had  got married to Vivek   just two years ago .  The family consisted of his parents and his unmarried sister Shweta .  From day one Renu came in this family , she  felt being judged  even at little things . Why are you wearing this ? Why did you get late today ? Who came to drop you home today  ?  Why can’t you leave job and plan your child ?

Every such statement or taunt was making  a crack in the relationship , with nobody there  even trying to fill those cracks . Vivek’s late night parties  didn’t hurt anybody else  in the family , except Renu who could smell  .  She was able to  smell his ex marital affair too along with the smell of the intoxicating drinks  from the last many months.

Renu set an example of patience , courage , sacrifice , love and she  left no stone unturned .

” Beta Renu , what happened ? Are you going somewhere ? ” Today a softness was there in Mom’s  voice when she saw Renu packing her bags

“Yes Maa  G , you four would make a happy family , Vivek has come on the right track now “

“But Beta G , when Vivek has come on the right track , where are you going ?  ”  Today  for the first time Papa G also had Voice

” I can’t be quiet all my life Papa G “

My Thoughts on the word JUDGED

In the above story , Renu no longer wanted herself to be judged . She dared and took a bold step . Her self -respect  didn’t allow her to make compromises when it came to the dignity of the relationship . No more cracks !

In our society , almost in every family , why is it always the woman who is judged ? Why is it  taken for granted that she would adjust in any kind of situation ? How women  are viewed differently  from men ? Men are allowed to do just anything ,  even outside the moral society structure . Their smoking , drinking , late night parties or  even using abusive language , all are considered as somewhat essentials , just  because they are MEN . And if  once in a while , a woman gets late from office , lot of eyes start staring at her strangely and doubtfully . Why ?

The need is to break free from the patriarchal mould .


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5 Replies to “#JUDGED – Why is SHE always judged #BlogchatterA2Z #Astitva”

  1. Women may have conquered every milestone and proven time and again that they are as capable as men. Women today may share as much or even more responsibilities than most men. They may earn as well as take care of their families. They may even achieve their dreams. But the fact remains that they are miles way from being treated equally. The women of our generation can never win. Everything we do earns us a label we don’t want: slut, whore, virgin, innocent, stupid, bitch, “bro” — you name it, we’ve heard it at some point in our lives. Unless she learns not to give a shit what people think or say, a woman has to be strategic with each and every step she takes, making sure that it doesn’t get twisted and ruin her “image” among men. This nonsense needs to come to an end.

    1. Yes history has the proofs that a woman has always been struggling for her existence . She is always judged as a different sex , most of the times she is just seen as a vagina , nothing else . Rising cases of rape we all know . A woman, every woman has to become strong enough to be herself and not bother about the brainless stupid society


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