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If we start with the definitions of health , See what I read

Women health

The above information credit is to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

I think out of these three definitions, the second and third  define health more accurately . Because after all, just being physically fit may not  make one  completely healthy . But if I read the second definition again , it refers only about coping with the demands of daily life . The second definition just doesn’t mention anything about one’s inner health , I mean one’s own emotional health . And that is something very important . The third definition defines health as a state of balance , the equilibrium within one’s own self and the surroundings. I liked this definition .  I liked the word equilibrium . You know what’s equilibrium? In my science class , I explain it as the condition   when  net effect of all the forces  on an object is zero . If we are able to have equilibrium in our life ,  wouldn’t it be perfect ?  No effect of any forces , internal or external . Although it is possible only in ideal conditions , but how calm , relaxed , peaceful one would be if such an equilibrium is achieved . Good ! I love this word equilibrium.

When we are talking on the subject of a woman , her roles,  her responsibilities , the challenges she faces, it is equally important to talk about her health .

Physical health is important but it is just one of the dimensions of the overall health . To attain equilibrium , many dimensions of health need to be taken care of .


6 Dimensions of a Woman’s health :-

Women empowerment

1. Physical Health

A woman  is the home-maker in every family . It is utmost important to take care of  her health so as to keep the entire family happy . But what actually happens is that playing many roles , the woman of the family neglects herself , her health . Women !  Do  take very good  care of your family but please , not  at the sake of  your  personal health . After all when you are healthy , you  can take care of others too . And I don’t  think  that if sometimes you  are unwell, others are patient enough to look after you after 2-3 days . I have  personally experienced it recently . During the last two months , I suffered from backache . My house took a messy look as I was unable to even bend down .  Just after 2-3 days , I could see (& feel) frown lines moving around me , the reason because Dr had advised me rest . So Women ! Be incharge of your health . Keep yourself fit with exercise , have regular blood presure checked, take iron or calcium supplements as your body demands , have a detox routine.

2. Emotional Health

Emotional Health is related to the ability to manage your feelings and related behaviours and cope effectively with stress.  Love , Laugh  , Care  form the basis of emotional Health . Just as effort is required to maintain physical Health , so is true with emotional Health . You  do have phases when your bodies undergo hormonal changes  and you might feel low , but don’t worry , God has made you strong enough. Boost your mood by talking to friends and even exercise helps release happy hormones. Go for a mindful walk, enjoying nature ; play and dance with your kid , or listen to music .

3. Menstrual Health

It’s one of the very important dimensions of a woman’s   health . Every month ,  hormones controlling your cycle affect your emotional Health and physical Health too . You feel cramps , pain , mood swings or even depression in worst cases . Take care of your menstrual Health and hygiene. Drink plenty of water , have  a nutritious diet providing you all the necessary minerals /vitamins and most important , try  to keep yourself stress free . Don’t take load of all the problems only on your head .  Sharing was taught in preschool itself .  Share your worries , relax , and have a sound  healthy sleep .

4. Spiritual Health

As we started with the word equilibrium , the condition when the net effect of all forces is zero, when your inner self is at peace ,  a good spiritual Health definitely helps you keep in equilibrium . The prayers or the meditation relaxes you and brings a sort of contentment , a comforting feeling that yes ! the supreme power is there to tackle all your worries. The only thing  required is faith and you need to drop all your worries in his lap .  Even I need to make efforts to boost my spiritual Health .

5.  Social Health

Your social Health means  having healthy relationships with family , friends or colleagues. You should take out time to make some positive memorable moments with the loved ones, as they form your support network . Have a good friend circle , but not just online .   A good  offline supportive friend circle takes care of you in the times of physical illness also . It is  also equally beneficial  for  a woman to maintain one’s social health by visiting parlour  or going shopping . Arent these  great boosters for your emotional Health  too ? In my case , they are .

6. Financial Health

If you are not financially secure , it can be stressful and can affect your overall health . Try to be financial independent .  Make money , manage your money , save your money and  no need of disclosing all your accounts . Your money is your caretaker in the times of trouble .

So Women ! Be the incharge of your health ! Be Healthy and Wealthy ! Stay happy !




Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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11 Responses

  1. Deepa says:

    A woman has to take care of herself before others but sadly its opposite. I agree she has to take charge of her health to stay happy and to keep others around her happy.

  2. Such a thorough and thoughtful post Monika.
    Now that I have crossed 4 decades mark on Earth, I can so relate to each and every aspect that you have mentioned here.

  3. Nupur says:

    Well said. Balance is lacking in most women’s lives..

  4. Anita Khanna says:

    Well said Mona ji
    Very much beneficial things you explained.

  5. Meena says:

    Well written post and thought provoking too.

  1. April 11, 2018

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