#Empowerment– Importance and Need of Women Empowerment ; How to Nurture your Alpha Woman Instinct to empower yourself #AtoZChallenge2018

The alphabet of the day is E

E stands for Empowerment

Women Empowerment

The dictionary meaning of Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights .

When we have talked of Abuse,  Bride BurningChild Bride , Domestic violence , it’s important to talk of women Empowerment also .

The general  statements about women are like -Women are weak , Women are too sensitive , Women cry a lot , etc . And  on the other side women also have to suffer many kind of challenges , assaults , inequality , domestic violence , etc.  Hey The Women ! The need is to empower ourselves . The time demands Women Empowerment .

Women Empowerment

You know all of us have an alpha instinct within us . Do you know what’s that ? If you go by psychology and read about alpha or beta woman , you may get to the idea that alpha woman is the one who is dominant , has an aggressive behaviour or the one who is very  much extrovert and dates many men . So alpha woman is the bossy type woman who just doesn’t bother to listen to others and lives life as per  her  wishes . This all is the typical bookish characteristics of an alpha woman . But  In real life , if this alpha instinct is   nurtured in the right way , it can aid  to  empower you  without being  too aggressive or bossy . Rather every woman must identify her alpha instinct , give it a boost , and be a strong woman . Allow the Lion to Roar .

1. No need to put yourself down every time

The patriarchal society many times tries to silence the woman by insulting ,  abusing  or  even just by  threatening. The woman is assumed to adjust and make compromises as per the male . The male often takes advantage of her sentiments .   But You  Women ! Don’t be a slave to your emotions , your emotions are not your Weakness , make them your strength . BREAK THE SILENCE , Be Bold , no need to put yourself down every time . Let  others also make compromises if they want to have a happy association . It’s good to say NO at times .

2. Empower yourself financially

Don’t be a stupid to give all your money matters in other’s hands , your husband or your son . That’s not love ok. Do  anything , everything for your loved ones but keep an account just for you too. When situations go bad or tough , your money is your caretaker . You know everybody loves & respects the one who is affluent with money .

3. Empower yourself with confidence

Let every woman be Alpha woman when it comes to confidence . Our confidence sometimes is burried under our fears , our loving nature  or society’s view towards us . Do little things to empower yourself with confidence – Say what you feel ,  sometimes shouting out too is beneficial , Wear what you love, Laugh out loud , Learn to drive and experience the thrill . All this fills you with confidence and makes you independent .

4. Empower yourself with Education 

Education plays a major role in empowering you .  It helps you in claiming your rights .There’s no age for getting education . You know a few days ago a picture of a mother with her infant child in her lap , giving an exam , went viral in the media . See how determined she was for making her dream of studying come true . And her picture helped her realise her dreams . Her  good marks in the entrance exam  and with help from some NGO , she  has got enrolled in a university.

5. Invest in Yourself 

Love everybody , take every little care of your family , serve all the responsibilities but don’t  forget to invest in Yourself . Don’t keep yourself at last . Invest in your health  . Invest in your hobby, invest in your dreams .  Women ! This investment in Yourself is Empowerment . Take out  time to do some yoga , take out time to pamper yourself at a spa , take out time to join that painting class which you longed .



6. Never Give Up , Be Resilient 

As a woman you may have experienced many tough times , many setbacks . You might have had some kind of conflict conversations in the family , being as a wife or daughter-in-law; or faced some sort of injustice  at the workplace , but Be Always Optimistic , be strongly flexible enough to keep going . Let the world know that you are a really strong woman and have the ability to rise up again whenever you fall . Believe in yourself and never give up .


7. It’s Ok to get away , It’s advisable to keep away from poison 

In our daily lives , there are many turns where we women feel afraid of being Alone .  In a  not-so-good marital relationship, a husband may threaten his wife of leaving her and she starts begging again because she gets afraid of being Alone . Would I be able to survive alone ? Would  I be able to take care of my child alone ? Would I be able to handle the social stigma ? Such thoughts start creeping in . But Women ! That time is to bring out your alpha woman from inside . When you see the situations not improving inspite of many efforts , if the things seem worsening,  it’s ok to get away . Sometimes you may be more productive when you are alone . Getting away from the person who was slowly poisoning you , might come out as a blessing .

8. Help Empower other women 

Motivate  , Help other women to empower themselves . Help in any possible way you can , to speak against injustice , to gain confidence , to be firm in what you believe and what you want . If you are bold enough , empower other women too with courage  .

Together we can  ! Empowered women empower other women .











Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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