#Bride Burning – Is it still practiced in 21st century ? #BlogchatterAtoZ #Astitva

The alphabet of the day is B

B stands for : Bride Burning

A piece of fiction on Bride Burning

Bride Burning

In today’s  exhibition , the painting with the title ‘Bride Burning’ was adjudged the best one. The painting depicted the face of a woman lost in flames. The painter , Jaya , was asked to come on the stage and say a few words. Someone from the audience asked  “Is Bride Burning still practiced in 21st century ? Isn’t it a concern of the past ?”

Here were Jaya’s words in reply :

I am a Woman , a Bride too ,  I have my own existence , My #Astitva

You don’t burn a Bride just by a matchstick

Whenever  you insulted  me , you tried to burn my respect

When you assaulted  me physically , you burnt the dignity of our relationship.

When you just didn’t  care about my emotions , you burnt the love that I had stored exclusively  for you .

When you doubted my character , you burnt the bond of trust between us .

When you came home drunk & showed your real character , you burnt the definition of The Better Half

My thoughts on Bride Burning :-

The statistics may have come down but the crime Bride  Burning is still practiced in India and many other south asian countries . Brides are burnt alive by husband or in-laws for dowry or when the couple is not blessed with a male child . The strange part is that the bride is totally held responsible for it . On one hand , people worship  Durga Maa  , the goddess and  on the other hand , they just don’t think even little before burning the brides . Are these the norms of a civilised society ? Are we really educated in the 21st century ?


Much has been done on women empowerment . Then why are these crimes still form a part of the society ? Because there is no fear of punishment . The need is to form strict laws giving quick justice to the victims and  hard punishments  to the accused of such crimes . If everybody knows that the punishment for Bride Burning would be to face the heat   and scars on one’s own body too , then hands would automatically be controlled before lighting  up a matchstick .

Bride Burning

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11 Replies to “#Bride Burning – Is it still practiced in 21st century ? #BlogchatterAtoZ #Astitva”

  1. I think I will have to look for another word other than ‘I love your post’ by the end of the challenge, Monika. I can hear Jaya’s voice. I can relate to her in every word. Everything you said is so true. The society is still burning brides every day!

  2. Bride burning still exists. The name of the crime has been changed. The way it is reported has changed. People die in fires, houses arsonise themselves. Women burn spontaneously. It is no one’s fault but hers.

  3. Really women strength is weakened and disrespeced in many ways in day to day affairs
    Men sd learn to respect her as a human being .Burning of any kind physical or emotional sd be stopped .

  4. Jaya’s response was so powerful. I loved how she said burning need not be literally by a matchstick. I loved this line the most – ‘If everybody knows that the punishment for Bride Burning would be to face the heat and scars on one’s own body too , then hands would automatically be controlled before lighting up a matchstick.’ – even though I don’t agree with the idea of retaliation but it is exactly how Jaya said , the punishment need not be burning only. We really do need stricter enforcement of the law.

  5. this is such a thought-provoking post-Monika. it is true that we are living in 21st century, still had so many these kinds of evil traditions in our society. I love the idea of your series. best luck and looking forward to reading more from you. #AtoZchallenge


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