#ABUSE -Why is this word more specifically linked with Women ?#AtoZChallenge2018

Come April and the month long blogging festival #AtoZChallenge2018 begins.  My theme for this challenge is #Astitva in which I would be sharing many aspects of a woman’s existence . I would be sharing my thoughts combined with some fiction which form  part of our surroundings .


The alphabet of the day is A .

A stands for :  ABUSE

Abuses are wounds that may not show up on the body but are deeper and more hurtful than anything else . Why is this word ‘Abuse’ more specifically linked with women ?

A piece of fiction on Abuse




Above is the pic I choose to write about ABUSE.

Reena was a psychologist who was working as a counsellor in a multinational company . All the company employees and her friends too always approached her with their problems and every time , she resolved them with love and concern . Her positive attitude was always talked of in the office and it definitely helped maintain a healthy atmosphere in the office .

But at her home , the psychologies just didn’t sync . Her positive attitude was  badly dominated by HIS negative all the time . She managed to strengthen herself   enough  that the tension and the insult  she often  faced at home was never  reflected at  her workplace.

But today , Rajiv and his toxic drinks reflected  their wild beast character  and that too in his wife’s office . He just couldn’t tolerate to see  Reena  behaving  so friendly with her colleagues . She was  physically , verbally and  emotionally abused  by her man in front of all the office staff . And she laid helpless , burning  in the smoky egoistic masculinity .

My thoughts on the word ‘Abuse’

Right from childhood till the end , women suffer many kind of abuses . Starting from physical Abuse , emotional Abuse , social Abuse , she also suffers the worst of all,  that is  sexual abuse . We may have progressed a lot in the 21st century but this so called progress is  making even the infant girls become victims of highest form of sexual abuse .  Almost  daily I can read of a rape in the newspaper . So is this what Progress is ? Why are men hardly victims of sexual abuse ?

Why is a woman not clothed in the same dignity as a man ?

Why is woman always seen differently ?

Why is She looked upon as a sex object ?

The modern woman of today may be alert for her rights and security but still she does face the claws of  Abuse at many points .  Some women have become bold to shout  out the things but some still  prefer to be quiet . Some still make compromises even after getting abused . Why ?  Is SHE to be defined always as per HE ?  When will we have minds free from bias ?






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  1. Abuse is sometimes shrugged off as men being men or putting women “in their place”. We truly have a long way to go before abuse, in all forms, reduces in quantity. The real shame is that some forms of abuse like emotional or mental abuse aren’t even taken seriously among the general public.

    1. Thanks Arjun , yes u r right . Many abuses go unnoticed or even the victim many times hides it . Internal peace is declining actually in today’s world

  2. I loved the piece, Monika more so because I too am writing on women related topic. The number of WHYs, in the end, make one think, yes, but I want to know how many thinkers would actually make the difference. We are progressing largely but I feel the progress is happening overall, even in terms of the evils. More women are getting abused and more men are abusing women. I feel more than addressing WHY we need to address HOW are we letting this happen. Yes, we need courage and a lot of courage to stand against every kind of abuse.

    1. Yes the rape cases seem to rise . Actually lot of progress is there but where is the punishment for the culprits ? You are right the no. of WHYs at the end sometimes like block our mind

  3. I relate abuse with the “frog in hot water bowl” theory. They don’t realize it is going to hurt them one day, and fighting for your rights is the only way out. Really loved how you have portrayed this issue and pic1 is very apt and intense in it’s own might. Let’s share it to make a difference…

  4. Well written Monika. Every second house in our society has a story of abuse – physical, verbal or emotional.it’s time we speak about it and give out the message that it is not okay to suffer.

  5. It is only when more and more people will talk and write about these issues, and ask uncomfortable questions, that society in general will have to take notice. Good post.

  6. The abuse has to stop. I hope and pray we all raise emtoionally stable kids to put an end to physical and emotional abuse once and for all.

  7. In today’s age, people are willing to barge into their neighbours’ houses to see whether what they’re eating is chicken or beef…But no one seems to care when someone – whether male.or female – faces domestic abuse.

    Nice post. All the best for the A to Z Challenge. Do drop by mine.


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