What are the 5 Factors Controlling your Life ? How can you exercise FASTING & SELF-CONTROL ?

What are the 5 factors  Controlling your life ?

In simple language , What are the 5 things you can’t live without ?

Someone asked me this question and my reflexive  nerves ( which were bychance in a cool mood ) gave a quick answer –  Roti , Kapda and Wifi  . Hehe ! This is today’s tagline .  But then I was asked to give a thoughtful answer that Are there seriously few things I can’t live without ?  What are those things ? Do  those things complete  my living or Have I just given them unnecessary  VIP importance in my life?

My mind started pondering over  and I analyzed my daily routine from morning till the time I go to bed . What are the  things which I find difficult to abstain from . Are these  things the controlling factors of my life ?  Do I want to reduce their control on my life ?  My brain and heart both said YES . But How ? This HOW part is difficult  . Before I can actually start to exercise  a control over the factors ,  let me write those  firstly . May be writing provides some kind of progress in the direction of abstaining ,  Self-Control and discipline .



Recently I had read an article on SELF-CONTROL and FASTING . Actually  whenever we come across the word FASTING , our mind immediately thinks of abstaining from food .  What ?  FASTING ?? No No I can’t remain hungry . And what’s the need to remain hungry ?   Is it because of some spiritual reason ? But God  wouldn’t want his children to  suffer from hunger . Well these are the quick responses to FASTING . But FASTING is ultimately about SELF-CONTROL . It’s a way of disciplining your life .  It is the removal of one  controlling factor  of  our life for a period of time . It’s a way of removing one negative from your life and adding one positive .


Apart from food and water , here goes my list of the    5  factors controlling   my life :–

1. Early morning sleep

O My God , I love my early morning sleep so much that I can’t tell you. I have not been able to ever  get up early  , although I tried many times  . I  set  many morning alarms in my phone , but  the lazy sleepy brain doesn’t feel lazy   to quickly mute it and again go back to the dreams .  This is continuing from the last many years . You know I often listen to religious talks and shows which highlight the importance of praying in AmritVela, the early morning hours . I do want to practice that but my fatty lazy brain obstructs . Go away you lazy !

2. Tea /Coffee

My mind and body start acting psychologically paralysed if I don’t have  tea (milk tea) or coffee twice a day . Is it so necessary ? Does my tummy really have hunger for it or it is just to overcome boredom ? May be both , with the latter factor on the higher side . Should I practice FASTING from caffeinated  drinks ?

3. Social Media

Am I addicted to social media ?  Are you also ? Aren’t we all ?  Even in office hours , getting even 10 minutes free time  urges the fingers to quickly scroll through and  read few jokes , answer some goodmornings on whatsapp , post a facebook status or boast by sharing   a video.  Do I really need to update my life daily to the world or peek into the lives of others ? Why ? Can’t I live without social media ? It would be a great SELF -CONTROL if I can practice FASTING from SOCIAL MEDIA  . May be I can start with just one day a week .

You know , two months back , when we went to Kerala , my phone also  dared to enjoy the cool waves at the beach and ALL GONE !  It came as a jhutka  at first but I just didn’t buy a new phone for a whole month . I remained without whatsapp, facebook , etc . The only urge my fingers could have was to play snake game as I had put my Sim in the old Nokia 1100 with no back cover . Few of my friends laughed while assembling it  again everytime it fell down .  Whatever was the scene , But Believe me my mind was so relaxed and cool in those days .  I could focus on some other enriching things like reading or listening music .  The Social Media FASTING  rejuvenated me . When next  will I be able to FAST from SOCIAL MEDIA ?

Scientific points about fasting from food 

4. T.V

I don’t watch much of television . No serials in routine .  I love watching good movie occasionally . But It’s not that it is able to rest.  Whether I sit in front of the box or not but its noise is a controlling factor of our life . Few days back our tatasky account got deactivated and I could notice the boredom and irritation  in my daughter’s behaviour . Coming to me again and again , she was pleading to recharge the account . Finally after one whole day , it had to be settled on a barter system when she made ginger tea for me and I recharged the tatasky account . So Isn’t television controlling our life ? Can’t we  exercise FASTING from television ?

5. Buying Stuff

The exciting word is Shopping but what is Shopping ? Just buying Stuff which I may not even need . After every few days I am provoked for buying the things , may be by watching an advertisement or seeing my friend wear a designer kurti or I just want to upgrade my appliance . Consumerism is being encouraged and we end up cluttering . Can  I practice FASTING from BUYING for few days ?

These are the things which may not be my needs but these are controlling my life directly or indirectly . They are  the Wants  and I have got too much accustomed to having them in my routine life .  I want to slowly start to practice FASTING from these  ,  not permanently but may be for a period of time .   So that these 5 factors don’t get  the  authority to overpower my life .

Let me exercise  SELF -CONTROL by FASTING . Every small step will count .

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13 Replies to “What are the 5 Factors Controlling your Life ? How can you exercise FASTING & SELF-CONTROL ?”

  1. I should say a very comprehensive list 😉
    It is tough to stay away from things without any reason. So one should have a solid reason to get up early, say an early morning workout session or something which allures you. Moderation is the key. so try it instead of fasting 🙂 #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

  2. I identified with your post because I have the same factors controlling mine as well and I intend to atleast get away from social media for 23 hours a day.. working on a plan

  3. You are right. Life in modern times gets us addicted to so many things. And as far a s fasting is concerned, you know there are some very good benefits of fasting once in a while. I sometimes go without dinner in the night. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #InstaCuppa

  4. I really liked how you have linked the concept of self control to fasting. I have also found it very difficult to follow fasting even for just a meal.
    It’s more about the mind than the body.

  5. I too want to try this fasting , but I can’t fast for meal . Let me start exercising self control on my early morning sleep

  6. I would say I have good self-control, although complete fasting is something I think isn’t necessary. If done in moderation we can benefit well.


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