Let’s Detoxify & Be Healthier with Instacuppa

When it comes to health , we follow many advices , like go for a walk , don’t have fried food , have more of fruits , etc. etc. etc.  We are able to follow few , be consistent and again drop because of one or the other reasons . One health consciousness trick that we can be consistent with and which is very easy to follow, is to have more of water . As summers are approaching , body’s need for water even further increases . Water is our body’s life . It keeps you hydrated and has the capacity to flush out any toxins from the body , making you feel lighter and rejuvenated.


Nowadays we often hear about DETOX WATER  . It is something which  is made by infusing water with fresh veggies or fruits . Apart from its benefits , it is something flavoury and helps keep you away from the other artificial drinks available in the market .

The benefits of detox water are many :

Toxins are flushed away : Detox word itself explains that it is going to get rid the body of toxins . Flushing away of toxins will help improving skin health and your digestive system will also start functioning in a better way .

Keeping your energy level high : The detox drinks have the power to boost your energy level and when you feel good from inside , your mental health improves and life appears happy all the times . After all its all in the mind . So let’s detox our Mind and body too .

Weight loss : Detox drinks are a must part of fitness routine . They help in weight loss . Carry the detox drink in a smart bottle all day along with you  and keep drinking it frequently , especially when you have the craving to go to the canteen in your office .

As I was searching more on detox water , I came to know of some new products from Instacuppa .


Instacuppa is trying to help all drink healthy natural beverages anywhere . Why to go for preservative gas filled drinks when we can easily  go natural and healthy ?

Instacuppa products use minimum of plastic , rather go for glass or bamboo . Their varied products are helping people to boost stamina and recharge their well-being .

Some more health tips 

Instacuppa products help you manage weightloss in style . As part of your fitness regime , when you are brisk walking or jogging in the park or working out at a gym , if the detox drink is carried in a smart outfit , then that makes a style fitness statement u know !! This is where Instacuppa can again help , as its products are all really tall, dark and handsome !!

Instacuppa infuser bottles make a great detox water for you . Use melons , cucumber , orange , lemon , kiwi , strawberry , any fruits of your choice and get detoxified in a flavoursome way . Just slice the fruits thinly , put in the infuser bottle and soon the flavours and nutrients would be infused in water and your detox drink is ready . Have a look at the  infuser bottle .  You can go here to read  more reviews or buy the product .


For Instacuppa Fruit Infuser water bottle Tritan edition – click here

For Instacuppa Fruit Infuser water bottle Steel edition – click here 

For Instacuppa Green tea detox bottle – click here

I am a coffee lover too , I love the frothed coffee in the cafes , I just got excited when I read how Instacuppa coffee maker can help me have this at the comfort of my home. I can have my coffee latte and give a frothed milkshake to my kiddo . O How tempting it is !!

Instacuppa , I am comingggg!!! You too can check the coffee maker  here and visit Instacuppa store.com  for more info on any  of the products

One more thing , Shop for the Instacuppa products Bindaas as they give moneyback guarantee . If you are not satisfied with the product , they will take it back . And if you like it , they again have an option of putting smile on your face when you upload your selfie with their product . Isn’t it exciting ???

Instacuppa offers healthier flavoured lifestyle , in style .

So Ready !!! Get Set Go…..Go for Instacuppa

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  1. Naturally flavoured water is always a better option than packaged juiced and aerated drinks during summers. Instacuppa infuser bottles are going to help keep us healthier.

  2. The brand has been making news of late for all good reasons. I like the phrase that the products are all tall dark and handsome. I will order my infused bottle soon. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

  3. This is really a very detailed post on the benefits of Instacuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. I am most keen on the water infuser bottle and he green tea infuser


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