A letter to my Daughter on International Women’s Day 2018 #10Tips


To celebrate  International Women’s day which falls on 8th March every year  , I want to write a letter to my dear daughter , who will soon enter womanhood .

Hi My dear daughter Suhani ,

1.   You have turned 11 years old and now time will fly quickly to make you enter womanhood . No matter how old you turn , you will remain the  same cute little kid in your mumma’s eyes . You can come to me anytime  with any problem you face in your life . I will always be there for you, eager to hold you in my arms .

2.   Be good in your studies . Understand the concepts and enjoy your learning . Don’t be stressed in today’s competitive society . Even 80% marks are good enough . Just do your best and then don’t worry about the result . Don’t be disheartened if your friend gets admission in a good institute and you are not able to .  Your best efforts would definitely yield good results , if not here then somewhere else for sure .


Enjoy the dignity of womanhood .

3.  You will soon enter the puberty stage . Remember , Mumma told you about menstrual cycle , the changes in our body as we grow up . Don’t feel shameful or   shy for this . It’s a natural process Ok . And just  don’t bother to listen to people that you can’t worship God in these days , this and that . Don’t be after these unscientific talks . Enjoy the dignity of womanhood .

Learn to say NO

4.   Be bold . Learn to be strong . Never fear .  In today’s world , you will have to face many situations where they attack you emotionally or even physically . Don’t cry at little things  . Dare to answer them back strongly and boldly . Don’t let them consider you as an emotional fool .  One important thing –Learn to say NO . This is much needed in today’s times . Your dad lacks this quality but you must inculcate it .

Care for others but remember Self Care is the most important 

Read my self-care mantras 

5.  Love your family but not keeping yourself at stake .  Love your husband , love your kids , take their full responsibility but just don’t allow your health and interests to step back . You yourself have to be incharge of your health and happiness . Cook your favourite food , enjoy gossip and outings with your friends , laugh heartily with your spouse and never forget to prioritize yourself when you face any health problem.

6.   My dear daughter , Keep pursuing one of  your interests all your life . At this stage you love craft, you love DIY, you love dance …Keep atleast one of these always a part of your life . That would help maintain smile in your life and satisfaction in your heart .



My daughter is my Life , my #Everydaysuperstar

7.  Don’t forget to pray daily . The supreme power is watching us all the time and blessing us . In midst of life’s busy schedule , don’t forget him . Even if you are not able to devote few minutes specifically for praying , just recite his name in your mind while travelling or anywhere else. Those positive vibrations will always boost your morale .

Start each day with a grateful heart 

8.  Be grateful for whatever you have . Not that you don’t be progressive . Work hard , achieve all you want , be strong  financially , enjoy the thrill of a big car,  but be grateful too for all God has blessed you with . Don’t forget the gifts of life that we take granted . You have good health , calm mind and a  small happy family. Enjoy the little happy moments in the life . That’s what life actually is . When you feel grateful , life gives you back many happy moments and that too magnified .

Read – I am Grateful for pains and pleasures 

9.  My dear daughter , You are a single child . No real brothers or sisters . Don’t feel alone at any time .  Your Mumma Papa are , and will always be  your best friends . Make few other  really good friends and believe me that  they will prove to be more helpful than the blood bonds.

10.  Life itself will teach you many things my dear daughter  . Here’s mumma’s favourite  quote which  will help you too  at many times : The best way to overcome fear is to face it .  Keep these words with you and  be strong .

The best way to overcome fear is to face it .

Don’t be afraid of anything . Pursue your passions in life , work hard , work harder for self-care , be strong , have your ‘Me Time’ always , laugh out daily , pray daily , live more in the present without worrying too much about future . Spend less time worrying and more on utilizing .

Live your life to the fullest and remember  you are a treasure to your Mumma Papa . Love you lots . A biiiiiggg huggg…….muaaaaah !!

Yours Mumma

I wrote this post in March 2018 and this was the 101st post on my blog . Another year passed and it’s March 2019 going on . My daughter has completed  12 years and I see her going crazy with make-up tutorials as she enters teenage . Regarding my blog , it will soon turn 2 year old . It’s still a small baby but it is  certainly a passion to live for.  Looking back  , I feel grateful  that I made the decision to start blogging . Many virtual friends came and helped me , motivated me . Ranging from small stories to photo fictions and few blogger challenges , the journey is continuing and every step is helping me learn something or the other . Thank you my dear friends and readers ! Without your support , I wouldn’t have come so far . Keep encouraging me in future too !


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Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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12 Responses

  1. Hi Monika! Firstly congratulations for writing for 101st article in less than a year´s time. That is indeed a great achievement and calls for a celebration. Your letter to your daughter Suhani is a priceless gem. I could relate to each and every point that you listed in the letter and would give the same advice to my daughter as well. Great post. Looking forward to your next 🙂 Please read my #MondayMusings post for this week: https://thetinaedit.com/2018/03/06/life-is-a-fairy-tale-mondaymusings/

    • Monika says:

      Thanku so much for encouraging me with celebration. I am glad that you could relate to the post . I went through your post ….Its so heartfelt ….

  2. upasna says:

    Awww. lovely practical letter to the Kid who is about to enter adolescence. Wish your daughter good. Celebrate womanhood 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #QuotedStories

  3. Sunita rani says:

    Hello mam. Its a great advice which you have given to suhani. I think this is for me also. You are one of my role models and i always want an elder sis like u. Love you mona darling

  4. Anita khanna says:

    Very good to read

  5. Babychakra says:


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  6. Suhani Suri says:

    Thanku mumma for this letter to me………
    Love you always and congrats for your 101st post
    Your loving daughter – Suhani

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