5 Foods of Punjab which Visitors Must Try

Punjab is known for its rich culture and  food,  the tadka being the most important part of any dish .  Punjabis are famous all over the world for their rich buttery love for food .

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U know Punjabis can talk food , walk food , think food and ofcourse eat food 😃😃😃 Here are the 5 must try foods of Punjab if you plan to visit here anytime in future . I am sharing veg dishes only as my whole family is vegetarian.

1. Sarson ka Saag /Makki di roti

Sarson ka Saag is a traditional dish prepared with mustard green leaves  (sarson) , palak (spinach) and methi (fenugreek), with tadka of ginger , garlic, onion , green chillies .  This Saag is available only in winters . It is served with Makki di roti which is a roti prepared from corn meal , along with accessories of butter  , hari mirch and gur . It’s a must have dish if you wanna have the feel of Punjab – Punjab di khushboo .

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2. Lassi

Punjab aaye te Lassi ni peeti ??  It says If you came to Punjab and didn’t have Lassi then your visit is a waste . So you must have this sweet lassi , which is a yoghurt drink topped with Malai . It is served in a BIG glass and you  can’t just drink it , I mean you have to eat its upper portion as the top of the drink is covered with thick malai.  Oh it’s a rich scrumptious drink which keeps you fulfilled for hours . It’s definitely a must have . You just can’t leave Punjab without a Lassi .

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3. Parontha

When it comes to Paronthas , my mouth starts watering . I just love  stuffed Paronthas .  The variety stuffings may confuse you in deciding which one to relish today . They are available  as  alu , gobhi , muli , pyaj or paneer Paronthas . My favourites are alu Paronthas and gobhi Paronthas  . They are best enjoyed with butter or curd . Recently we went to a south India vacation for 10 days  and I just can’t tell you how badly  I started missing Paronthas after first few days . The very first thing we did on reaching back home was to have the yummy big round tava Paronthas which were entwined with white butter , melting in my mouth .

Have these tips so that the buttery Punjabi dishes don’t make you fatty 

4. Amritsari Kulche Chole

It is famous by the main city of Punjab -Amritsar , but it’s available almost everywhere now. It is a stuffed Tandoori Roti  (made of maida )served with masaledar  Chole (white kabuli chana ).   Green chilly , butter and imli ki pyaj wali chutney add to its taste and appearance . Butter is an essential part of almost every Punjabi dish u know. These kulchas also come in different varieties like alu, gobhi or pyaj . I have a famous Kulcha junction near my home and whenever I have a chatpat craving  or I am not in a mood to cook , I take my family there . You are missing something in your life if you haven’t tasted Amritsari Kulchas as yet . So go for it !

Foods punjab

5. Dal Makhni

By the name Makhni , i think u must have understood that it is again a buttery dish . Yes it is . This Dal is mix of black gram dal and rajma , with tadka of tomatoes , butter and cream . In punjabi it is called Maah di daal . Traditionally , It was cooked in an open pan but nowadays  cookers are used  . It is enjoyed with Roti, Naan or Rice .

Foods punjab

The list of yummy Punjabi dishes  is long but the above are the must try dishes according to me . So you are welcome to Punjab and  go buttery , creamy with these yummy dishes  !!!

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  1. I love stuffed Paronthas. I notice the interesting fact that you call it Parontha instead of the usual Paratha. I figured that Paratha is what it is called in most parts of the country whereas in Punjab the n sound is very much there and it is called Parontha. It is sometimes also called prontha or Parantha in Punjab. And as far as Punjabi lassi what can I say. It is simply heavenly. #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #Instacuppa


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