Weight Loss Tips that shifted me from XXL to XL


WeightLoss ?? How ? How ? How much ????

Here is my weightloss story I wanna share:-

After my pregnancy I  gained too much of weight . My sweeto in my tummy had  rewarded me an additional weight of 22 kg ( May be because my doctor had put me to complete bedrest.)  But still ! Isn’t that too big a reward ?  Whoop !!   Wanted WeightLoss . But how ??? Actually I was never a slim  n sleek kind of girl . Even before pregnancy I weighed 67 kg which increased to 89 kg by 9th month of pregnancy.  Within 2-3 years of my daughter’s birth , my body  shed away 10 kg  without much effort, just by the  routine job exertion . And then my weight stood still around 79 kg  and the needle of the weighing  machine  just didn’t seem to be in a mood to displace much .  All the dresses had to be loosened , some I had to gift to someones 😔😔 ,(they were my favourite ones , I still remember the red pure Georgette salwar suit with golden work on it) U know , Shopping  became a tension .

Weightloss- The word  started  disturbing my mind . And then one day I don’t know how I made up my mind to lose some weight . Some deep hidden  desire , will-power  rose and motivated me to start working on my weight .


Here I want to share few tips which worked for me and helped me lose weight as well as few inches. These tips helped me achieve the results within 4 months .

1. Brisk Walk

I started initially with 30 minutes brisk evening walk which I slowly increased to 40 min and then to 55 min. Walking really helps you a lot . From the very first day I started feeling light and energised . And it has to be on regular basis . No excuses !!And yes , I truly did it on regular basis . My knees don’t allow me for jogging , so I chose brisk walk as one of the best health routine choices .

2. Skipping

I started rope  skipping with initially just 20  jumps . Even that much used to tire me a lot . But slowly when you maintain consistency your body adapts to anything new . Slowly my body was able to do a larger number of jumps .

WeightlossU can also try the way I did  . Set a daily target in your mind let’s say of 100 skips . So try to complete it on regular basis . If you are able to do just 20 jumps  in one go , then complete your target in 5 intervals with in-between rests of 2 -3 min each . And finish your skipping target at any convenient time you have . This flexibility makes things convenient . But do huff -hufff yourself with the  daily skipping routine . It burns lot many calories and is one of the best cardio .


3. Oats in place of Paronthas

I am basically a Punjabi girl and u know we love Paronthas . But my desire to lose weight was strong and I shifted to oats and cornflakes replacing Paronthas in my breakfast  . Make spicy veggies oats and it’s really tasty and does fulfill your hunger . But I kept Sundays as cheat days and used to pamper my tummy with stuffed Paronthas ( alu or gobhi )with fresh home made white butter . My mouth is wateringggg u know 😋😋😋😋But no no ……Control , control and control !


4. Light Dinner

I used to have full lunch  i.e. dal, sabji, roti , chawal , of course avoiding any fried veggie , but for dinner , I started keeping it only to dal , sabji and salad . Although I am not following any health routine nowadays but in those days when I was fully following these health tips I really kept it this way , no roti or chawal at night . You too should definitely give it a try . If just dal or salad doesn’t satisfy you , you can again have a bowl of oats or make poha for yourself .


Well these were the main tips which I followed that helped me move on from XXL to XL and many complements as the sweet toppings on the cake followed along .

May be these can prove to be helpful to you too . Thanks for reading . Stay Fit !  Be Healthy ! Look Smart !!

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21 Replies to “Weight Loss Tips that shifted me from XXL to XL”

  1. These are great tips Monika, and inspiring too, I believed it is more about adopting the healthy eating habits and regular exercise as a part of your routine life, if we would be able to do that, other things (weight loss and good health) gets achieved easily. #Superbloggerchalllenge2018

  2. Light dinner is so necessary. I agree with all your points. I still cant skip, so now made peace with it.
    Congrats on your achievment I know its hard!


  3. Thanks Monika. Since I’ve just set out on a weightless routine, for the hundredth time, your tips are useful. My doc has prescribed walking over all other forms of exercise, specially if one os very heavy. Even skipping rope would be a no no initially, I suppose. But it’s great cardio, I agree. Oh and the light dinner is a great tip too – light and early. Your points are so doable. All one needs is consistency.

  4. I’ve realised that for me, it’s really tough to achieve my Weight loss goals. But, these sound absolutely doable. Brisk walking is the best. Skipping rope I have tried but couldn’t manage. Will try again. Light dinner is a good idea. Also, recently I’ve reduced my sugar intake (trying hard).

    Thanks for sharing your tips, Monika! 🙂

  5. Hey Monika, the story is the same everywhere for moms but exciting is to read their shedding off stories. I must say you need guts to ignore your favourite foods and switch to oats. And drag yourself and go for morning walks.

  6. Exercising is extremely important for both mental and physical well being. Because of a sedentary lifestyle my girth has increased massively and I am positively obese. Planning to take up a well regulated but simple exercise regime soon. Thanks for the article. #Superbloggerchallenge2018


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