DIY Guide To Create Your Own Inspirational Posters

Inspiration.. Motivation! Yes , a small group of words collected together or a particular image can change the way we look into our lives. So why just wait for motivation, LET’S CREATE MOTIVATION ! Something like below  :–

DIY poster


Seems interesting ?? So here we go ….

DIY Guide To Create Your Own Inspirational Posters

Motivational quotes or posters have become very common nowadays and one can often see social media  filled with these posters. But guys, have you tried to design one for your home or may be workspace?

No, I’m not talking about those boring posters  that often put you to sleep. Instead I am talking about those which  excite you to wake up and step up towards your passion.

Before we move onto HOW TO create such posters , here  are some tips which you should keep in mind while creating these.

  1.     Go for minimalist approach

You want the reader to focus on the slogan in the poster  and you can’t afford any distraction. Designing a minimal inspirational poster is  always a good idea , just keep your focus only on essentials and Black & white colors and you are good to go. 


  1.    Make use of stylized illustrations

Stylized illustrations work great especially when you don’t have right images handy. Styled illustrations are awesome instead. And the best part, you can create your own characters as you wish. And if one segment doesn’t suit well, you are always free to change it. The style you choose totally depends on you. For eg, if you want to convey fun feel, you can use playful graphics, on the other hand, to convey serious feel, you can choose graphics according to that. 

  1.   Add floral touch to brighten it up

Floral backgrounds can give your poster a lovely background making it more motivational.  Florality is no longer old school, guys! Florals have made comeback and they are ruling everything. So why not include them here as well? (like I did in the poster above ) .But don’t forget to choose flowers wisely as well.

  1.    Go vintage

The past always has something to offer, especially when designing is involved. Adding vintage touch to your slogan will make it look more stunning.  Vintage trend is ruling everything nowadays and along with vintage theme, you can use Vintage imagery as well as letterforms too.



  1.   Make use of Accent Colors

Accent colors have the ability to direct the reader’s eye towards the key information. Do you want to highlight something or are you interested in adding a lovely detail to your overall design, add accent colors. Inspirational posters usually revolve around a key slogan. Use accent color to showcase the quote you have used. You can take inspiration from here.


  1. Use Color Overlay

Many a times, it happens that you don’t have high quality images. In those situations, you can use color overlay to give your poster a smooth feeling. Below are some examples you can take inspiration from:

DIY poster



  1. Dare to go Bold

With a poster, if you want to say something bold, use this typeface. Using bold fonts in posters is quite common and leaves the biggest impact to the reader. Additionally you can take this bold design one step further by using bold colors. Using hue colors can make your slogans loud and clear. Make sure to choose the colors that are bright, and attention-grabbing.

DIY Poster


So guys, after keeping in mind the tips mentioned above ,Now comes the HOW TO part of creating such inspirational posters.


The best way to create such posters is  using 

Creating posters with Canva is very simple. All you have to do is visit Canva and signup for a free account. Once done, you can checkout the existing poster templates or you can create your own. It has drag and drop feature using which you can add images, text and background.

As you can see in the image above, on the left there is “Layout”, “Elements”, “Text” and “Background” which you can click and select your design among the various other designs.

Once done, you need to click on the to right “Download” button to download it in your preferred format i.e. PDF, JPEG or PNG. You can also upload your own images by clicking on “Uploads” button on the left.

So guys, are you ready to Get, Set and Go?  So why wait guys? Start creating your own posters and flaunt in your room or your kid’s room  or at your workplace . Best of Luck !

Stay Happy! Stay Motivated!

This is a guest post by Kavita.  She is an Independent Marketing Analyst . When not glued to her laptop, she can be found making travel plans that rarely happen 😉 Connect with Kavita on Twitterand Linkedin





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