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Half widow


As they together stepped out of  the office , someone pointed  “Hey , Our HR manager makes a sweet couple ”

” O ..No…No they are not couple , , Roma Mam  is a widow, rather Half Widow ”

“Half Widow ???? What does it mean ?? Who is that man ??Whose hand  is she holding ????”


Ten years ago

Roma’s husband  Rajiv was continually facing failures at work . That day when his bad luck hit him once again  in the job interview , it  might had become unbearable for him.  In the evening , Rajiv went for routine  walk but just didn’t come back. Lots of search in different cities & on social media , police complaints , but no clue at all . Rajiv just disappeared from Roma’s life . Is he even alive ? Nobody knows.


So many years have   passed . People started calling Roma as  Half Widow.

Roma  had to struggle but she  strengthened herself too and reached the position of the HR manager of the company.

Today , Even when   she has  to say NO to any  job interviewee,  she makes it a point to  bid him bye smilingly and hold his hand convincingly ,  hoping  that no other soul  diappears so  strangely from anybody’s life .

Linking it with Tina  for #fridayfotofiction

Note : I came to know of an upcoming movie to be released in March 2018. The movie is named  ‘Half Widow ‘ and it’s about women empowerment. I enjoyed writing for #fridayfotofiction after a long gap , with my mind taking ‘Half widow’ as a prompt.

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