10 Daily Life Management Tips from #Bhagavadgita

Under #blogchatterprojects , I started spreading #bhagavadgita teachings through my blog. I have read the  sacred book earlier too but #Blogchatter provided me opportunity to read #bhagavadgita once again.

Many of us have  already read it and many want to read it . But the way the life keeps us entangled  , leaves hardly any time for taking any steps on the spiritual path . We are left just  thinking and thinking and thinking.   So I thought of noting down  few   important verses from #bhagavadgita which we can implement as   daily life management tips .

These tips  are the wisdom of the Vedas which can help us  manage anger/stress   in life and  by HIS grace , we can have peace , love and contentment in Life .



life management #bhagavadgita


Life management #bhagavadgita


Life management #bhagavadgita




Life management #bhagavadgita


Life management#bhagavadgita


Life management #bhagavadgita


Life management#bhagavadgita



Life management #bhagavadgita

9.Life management #bhagavadgita


Life management #bhagavadgita

My blogging would mean successful and I would feel blessed  if   any of these  ten life management tips from #bhagavadgita  can make a difference in your life .

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If any of you wants to read Bhagavad-Gita , please mail me and I would love to send you a copy for free.

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