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Buddhi means Intelligence and Yoga means mystic activities. So BUDDHI-YOGA  is the intelligent use of mind and keeping it engaged in devotional activities. This Yoga is considered as the highest perfectional stage.


Buddhi or Intelligence exists in all of us , it gives power to discriminate between good and bad . A man of lesser buddhi is constantly driven by senses and the worldly Desires . It is BUDDHI-YOGA which teaches us how to overcome this weakness and perform our duties with even-mindedsness. By adopting the devotional path of BUDDHI-YOGA , one can remain alike in pleasure & pain , gain & loss, victory & defeat . ( BG 2.38)


In Bhagavad-Gita chapter 10 , Sri Krishna tells Arjuna about BUDDHI-YOGA. The ultimate goal of human life is getting out of the entanglement of this material world.   Lord says that by devotional service , this is possible.


BG 10.10

When a person knows the goal of life but is addicted to fruitive activities , he is acting in Karma-Yoga. But when a person knows the goal of life and jumps into devotional service completely , he is said to be acting in BUDDHI-YOGA.


It is not possible to understand the SUPREME  just by mental effort. One has to be a lover of the Lord. By steady devotional service (bhakti) , the dust of materialism slowly clears out  and one is able to reach the real divine consciousness.






In Bhagavad-Gita chapter 18 verse 65 and 66, it is emphasized by Lord himself   that one should concentrate his mind on the Lord Sri Krishna. One should surrender unto Him with faith and love . By doing so, the human being would be freed from all contamination and Sinful reactions. BUDDHI-YOGA


As far as I have understood BUDDHI-YOGA, it’s about being intelligent to make progress on the spiritual path . After all, our life must not be just for eating, sleeping , or collecting material things . And we never know when it’s all going to end .  I think every Holy book mentions about the purpose of human birth as self realization and connection of Atma with Parmatma . For this, Bhagavad-Gita mentions about the technique of BUDDHI-YOGA.

So Let’s adopt BUDDHI-YOGA , be in love with Lord , obey him, please him, glorify him,   just like  the  unconditional  child’s  love for his father. Let’s try to  find our true relationship with the SUPREME  by our devotional Yoga / Yoga of Wisdom .

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  1. I truly believe in Buddhi yoga and want to practise it. I always tell God that it is easier to be at your service than maintaining these worldly relations. But in order to reach God, I have to pass this path first.

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