What makes me grateful for Blogging ? 5 Benefits of Blogging #thankfulthursdays


As I mentioned this earlier also in my post when I started my GRATITUDE posts in the Nov 2017, Today I want to be grateful to BLOGGING . I am happy and thankful that I started blogging . Although I am yet to learn a lot many things about blogging tips n tricks but still  I feel Blogging came to me with many advantages.

Blogging has many benefits and I think everybody who has a little love for reading/writing  should  start blogging for sure . Blogging is impacting my life in these ways :

**I am slowly n steadily becoming a better writer

When I started few months ago I was doubtful how would I write and would my writing be good enough for others to read ? But you know writing becomes better by writing only. You just can’t sit , think and expect your writing to improve. So after having written so many posts , I feel  an improvement in my expression of thoughts and quickness  of thoughts .

**I am becoming a better thinker day by day

Earlier I used to keep thinking on a topic for long , make sentences in my mind and then start writing . Now if I sit with my tablet or a diary , thoughts start making a flow somewhat quickly . Two were such instances when I wrote my post  even traveling in a bus (  that too  on just a piece of paper I had in my bag )


**I am able to utilize my energy in a good direction

I find blogging as a very good means of utilizing my energy  .This helps keep my mind away from other negativity in the life. I am most of the time reading something positive /inspirational or  I am feeling grateful for certain things in my life.

**Blogging gives me confidence

When some one comments , likes or shares my posts , you just feel so good that Yes ! I have written a good piece . It motivates you to write even better the next time. Blogging contests provide a great means for this kind of motivation. After I started blogging the first two bloghops I came to know were #Mondaymommymoments and #thankfulthursdays . It has been immense pleasure writing for these hops which are hosted by very sweet and helpful hosts.

**Learning new things and Making new friends

As my blog grows day by day , my blogger friend list is also increasing and there is definitely a lot to learn from each of them, be it blogging tips or  health tips or writing tips. Learning in life is unending and it’s  good to always learn something new from your friends .

My special thanks to #thankfulthursdays

#thankfulthursdays was the bloghop which encouraged me to start my  thankfulness or gratefulness posts . In Nov 2017 I adopted a new attitude GRATITUDE . The hosts of this bloghop are so helpful and Always encouraging that I  just don’t  want to stay away from writing on any of their  prompts  . Till now I think I have written five #thankfulthursdays posts . All these posts are close to my heart as they pushed me to think , to express thankyou , and certainly they helped polish my writing abilities. Here are the posts which I wrote for #thankfulthursdays :-

GRATITUDE for blogging contests 

GRATITUDE towards my health 

GRATITUDE for my home 

GRATITUDE for my family 

GRATITUDE for my friends 

Many times I feel My blog is not on the right track , I question myself if I have filled my blog with unnecessary and Bekaar posts  , Am I writing my posts according to the reader  or not ????? No doubt Blogging means lot of learning and patience , but I am happy that I am  definitely moving ahead one step at a time. Atleast I am not just standing still , I am making a steady progress. And  at the end of the day , my writing is keeping me happy .

What I recently learnt from #thankfulthursdays

As I read the recent post of the host of #thankfulthursdays,  Dr Amrita made me think hard  what just never struck my brain.

First thing  I learnt – TIME IS MONEY . This thing had just gone out of my mind. Of course I am spending lot of time on my blog , on writing , designing , or reading others’  posts . When I am making investment of time , I should get good ROI. I am sure Dr Amrita would help me in receiving good ROI.

Second thing I learnt – I came to know of Pareto’s principle . That says that 80% of money comes from 20% of your work. Yes definitely I should be knowing the right frame work for that .  When I googled for this principle , Wikipedia says so : When Pareto principle is applied to optimization in software , It is noted that by fixing 20% of the most reported bugs , 80% of related errors could be eliminated. I feel thankful to have come to know of this principle , that by doing 20% of input in right direction , 80%  output can be achieved. Let me strive to input the right 20% into my blogging.

I feel I have started developing  a good habit of GRATITUDE , Gratefulness  . Hope I am able to continue it . Thankyou #Blogging #MMM #thankfulthursdays.

A Grateful Heart is the foundation of contentment, love and peace.




Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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