She loves to Dance , But would she have to Bury Her Dreams ?

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Megha is married to Akash for the last 12 years and they are blessed with a son Madhav who is now 4 years old.  Having blessed with parenthood after  many years , Akash is too possessive about his son and is always concerned about him . Sometimes his over concerned attitude shows few signs of narrow-mindedness, which Megha  doesn’t feel good about . But she has adjusted. She  gives priority to his home and family .

Megha had a love for classical dance in her college  ,  which she couldn’t continue after her marriage. Last year when  she had turned 39 , she had shared about this interest with Akash and asked  for permission to join a dance academy.  But Aakash had refused on the pretext of their baby  being too small .

This year , when Madhav has started going to school , Akash agrees about Megha pursuing his dance interest, but  asks her to make sure this doesn’t happen at the cost of the time and care their baby needs. Although Megha has touched the age of 40 , but her feet  still crave to beat on the Taal and arms make the graceful postures.


Megha joined Aarzoo Classical Beats dance academy and her days started becoming more  cheerful . Out of all  in the academy , she was the eldest , elder even to the Kathak  teacher Rahul Sir. She slowly won everyone’s hearts by her passion for  dance and her tiffin recipes. Everybody made a bond with her with most of them addressing her as Megha Didi.  Rahul Sir saw passion  and dedication in her dance moves and he really wanted his most senior student to achieve something big in the dancing field.

Today the atmosphere in the academy was like a celebration. Many exciting faces , someone shouting happily , someone hugging friends in enthusiasm  ,  and someone  having tears of joy .  Actually today ,on the billboard was displayed the list of  dance participants who were selected for the upcoming Dance event at Sydney . All had been working too hard & for long for their name to be in this list .

Megha also saw her name in that list but neither did she shout happily nor cry. Suddenly her mind was perplexed , thoughts were clogged just like city’s traffic jams . May be   bcoz her heart wanted to grab the opportunity but Mind worried about Home and family atmosphere.

A mother’s heart not wanting to go away from her kiddo but a dancer’s passion to just  rock the big stage with her ghungroo beats  !!!!!!

A wife’s heart fearful  of her husband’s feelings but a girl’s desire to achieve a goal!!!!!

Megha decided to give priority to the family and went to Rahul Sir – ” Sir , I won’t be able to go for this  |Sydney dance event .”

“But why Megha ? ” Rahul Sir reacted with eyes wide open pausing the Kathak beats on his phone.

“Sir , It will become very difficult for Akash and Madhav  for fifteen days if I go for this event “Megha said concealing her dancer’s heart desire .

“But Megha it’s your dream come true opportunity ” Rahu Sir was astonished at her answer

“I know Sir ….But …..I am sorry ”  Megha left for home as she glanced at the clock which had struck 2 pm ….She daily left at this time to pick up her son from school.

Megha left Rahul Sir thinking hard.

Finally the day came when the team was to leave for Sydney Dance Event . Everybody was busy in last minute packing and some close friends embracing Megha  ” We’ll miss you Didi ”

Rahul Sir instantly said  “Megha , hope you are accompanying us  atleast till airport ”

“Yes Yes , Sure sir ” Megha said with a fake smile

As she was saying goodbye and wishing all the members best of luck for the event , suddenly  one of them  spoke loudly ” Hey , Look who’s there ? ”

Everybody turned and especially Megha got puzzled when she saw Akash there , holding kiddo in one arm  and the other hand dragging a suitcase .

He came and handed over the suitcase to Megha  ” Along with your ghungroo, hope I have packed every other  item of your need”

Megha got confused and kept constantly looking at Akash ( whom she thought narrowminded)  when suddenly Akash  held her hand   and said  “You don’t have to bury your dreams Megha , The time has come to live your dreams , Go and give a rocking performance with your team “

The whole team cheered up and hugged Megha . Rahul Sir specially came forward and shook hand with him  “Thankyou Akash , Talent certainly needs the motivation from the loved ones

Megha just couldn’t stifle her tears as she hugged Akash and Madhav . That warm  hug bloomed her more than the red rose in Akash’s coat pocket .

“Bye Mumma , I Lub joo ”  kiddo Madhav lisped as he whispered Adieu to his mumma.

Akash had already said those magical words by his gesture .


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative forIndian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ Few words were given  to construct a story and above one is my fictional  story of a girl who could fulfill her passion of  dancing even after many years of her marriage .

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  1. Neha says:

    A lovely story about love, passion and determination

  2. The way the kid bid goodbye to his mother sent my heart melting. I would like to know the backstory – about how did Akash’s heart change, how will he manage to look after the baby alone for 15 days or will he call his mother for help? Will his mother be appreciative of her DIL’s passion or would she ignite a fire?
    I know I know I am sounding like I want to write a saas-bahu serial 😀 😀

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