Is Your Mind Your Enemy ? ? Bhagavad-Gita tells ways to control the flickering Mind


Our Mind

Sometimes our mind is  so cheerful  and the other time mind is full of anger .

Sometimes the mind behaves generous and sometimes it is full of greed and lust .

Sometimes it is spreading smiles and sometimes it is just passing negative vibrations  all around.

We are behaving as per mind’s wish , feeling helpless , having no control over the emotions. So is our mind our enemy or our friend ?

The mind is always restless and unsteady . All the time it wants to do something or achieve something . Many times we act as slaves to our mind by fulfilling its wish of certain material desires. But it is so turbulent that it just doesn’t get satisfied and it further wishes something more . Many times we have to serve the dictations of lust and anger .

So isn’t our mind our Enemy ? The Unconquered Enemy ?  Bhagavad-Gita says  the following :


We definitely need to do something to conquer this enemy . In  practical world it is very difficult to control our mind.  In Bhagavad-Gita  chapter 6 “Dhyana-Yoga” , Lord Sri Krishna is telling about the ways to control the flickering  mind.  Lord says that  We should try to control the mind and not let mind control us all the time. 

When Arjuna asks Lord that it’s very difficult to control mind , even more difficult than controlling the wind, Lord Sri Krishna agrees with this fact but at the same time says that by  devotional service one can certainly experience detachment (vairagya) from material objectives and as a result have a control over our so called enemy.

Our mind should become our friend . For this , the devotional service should include having faith on Lord , hearing about him , loving him . Let our faith slowly transform to devotion .

Arjuna finds controlling the mind very difficult , even more difficult than controlling the wind

Bhagavad-gita explains about many yogas , but the highest is Bhaktiyoga.

The  stage of divine Consciousness can be attained ultimately by Bhaktiyoga, always focussing our attention on the Lord  and his transcendental qualities.


Let’s  starts walking on this Devotional path  and make mind our true friend. Let’s  review our thoughts and deeds , try to improvise so that we can overcome our negative emotions like anger, greed , ego etc. and fill our life with peace and happiness. 

I think all of us must read Bhagavad-Gita atleast once in lifetime. Even one verse a day would benefit us a lot. I can be your help if you want to read it. Just  mail me at and I will send a copy of Bhagavad-Gita for free.



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