GRATITUDE- My New Attitude in Life

gratitude I have been reading and listening about Gratitude and Grateful Living for the last many days . I also wanted to start with this habit of Gratitude .  When November has started , which is the month of Thanksgiving and it’s also my birthday month , so what other time would be perfect to start this habit of Gratitude ?

World’s leading scientific expert on gratitude  Robert Emmons says that Gratitude has two key components :

Affirmation of Goodness – That we affirm the good things in the world , gifts and benefits we are receiving in our lives.

Sources of this goodness are outside of ourselves- That we acknowledge that other people gave us many gifts , big & small, to help us achieve goodness in our lives.

This attitude of Gratitude has to be inculcated in life by some daily practices and habits . Let me also start my journey of Grateful living with my first post today .

So to make my birthday month special, I plan to practice these things to cultivate  my new attitude : GRATITUDE

* I will try to read something about Grateful Living on daily basis.

* I will try to write few posts on Grateful Living or some Thankyou notes to affirm the goodness in my life .

*I will try to practice the technique of STOP . That means to be quiet for sometime ; practice trying to sit in silence for few minutes , so as to give a pause to mind from todays’s rush of life .

Gratitude is the magnification of positive emotions.

Now let me start by expressing  my Gratitude for the last two months : Sep ’17 and Oct’17

1.  I participated successfully in two blogging challenges #Myfriendalexa and #writetribeproblogger . One of my posts got selected on Blogadda also for which I received some wonderful goodies too. I made many new blogger friends during these days.

2. I participated in Navratri Blog train with many other blogger friends.

3. My daughter got selected in her school as Junior House captain.

4. October was festival month with the festival of lights , Diwali. It’s always good to celebrate festivals together with family.

5. My husband suffered with dengue fever. But I feel thankful that the virus was eliminated within few days.

Don’t you want to express your  Gratitude towards life  ?


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  1. Hey Monika…Loved reading your gratitude list. It’s my birthday month too… your birth date? I would be happy if you linkup your post with QuotedStories. To kickstart your gratitude practice, you can join me for #gratitudepie on Instagram. @comebackminimalist. Its so easy to write daily gratitude journal this way.


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