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All were enjoying Bonfire at the NariNiketan . But  as expected, Neha didn’t come out of her room . Everyone knew she gets  frightened at the sight of fire .

Asha Didi   went   to her  and  again saw her   lost in her past as usual , browsing her wedding album.

How enthusiastic she used to be earlier ! How the magical love in the college had made her  tie knot with Varun around the sacred fire ! But her family  just couldn’t satisfy the greed of her in-laws. How she became a victim of domestic violence and of Bride Burning !!! (Tears  were making  itching sensation while rolling down her burnt cheeks)

Neha had somehow managed to escape  from her in-laws but her fifty percent burns  were just not allowing the terrifying memories to escape.

“Neha , Don’t keep feeling like a victim, you are a survivor. Burn your past memories ,not your dreams ” Asha Didi fondled her.

Today, Neha could gather enough courage.  She went out and flinged   her melancholy along with  wedding album in the Bonfire .

The survivor of Bride Burning slowly started turning bright.


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    1. Its always better to get away from such people well in advance , But the girl just keeps waiting if the situations would improve, this happens especialy with Indian girls


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