The RED Saree #writetribeproblogger

I was wearing the RED , but blushing red SHE  was.

I was wondering at  the beauty of the RED saree , but feeling proud SHE was.

Actually it was Karvachauth festival and I had worn my Mom’s  RED saree.  It was not an ordinary saree but my Mom’s RED Wedding Saree, the one  she had worn on her Big day more than four decades ago.

Watching me wearing her outfit , she was feeling very happy. I could see the extraordinary smile on her face and the radiance in her eyes.  That day, that RED saree unfurled many memories before her eyes.

My Mom hinted  Dad ” Did you see what our daughter is wearing today ?” Mom was doubtful if  Dad’s mind would be able to race back in time .  But Dad quickly gestured YES to the memories.  I think they shared many memories of their wedding even in that quick glance at each other, may be some of their honeymoon too which ofcourse they didn’t  want to share with me . Here  I write about their feelings & memories which were  shared in public :

Seeing me dressed in her RED saree, Mom’s mind transported to the time when she was dressed up as a bride and her friends were teasing her as the Baraat was approaching their home.   When it was time for Jaimala( exchanging garlands ) Dad , in a romantic mood , had bowed his head a little to see his sweetheart beauty through the tiny veil of that RED saree. Mom had  also blushingly burst out laughing .


Seeing me dressed in her RED saree, Mom was feeling proud too as she had herself done  all the gottawork on her RED saree . The light  reflected from the golden gotta and sitara of saree was lightning Mom’s face too. Awwwwwww, she was really feeling happy from deep within.

Now came  Dad’s turn  and he   shared the memory  when he sang a song for Mom on their first date after marriage. The song ” Aa Neel Gagan Tale Pyar Hum Karen …..” must have acted has a catalyst in their chemistry . How romantic !  I wish my husband  knew even  a bit of  such catalytic  romance !!

The RED saree came flooded  with many more memories when they took out an album from the almirah. Mom and Dad were trying to re-live the precious colors of life  even out of those ragged black n white photographs.

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  1. Brilliant post. It so happens with many things isn’t it? An old flower kept in the pages of a book, an old black and white photograph, an old letter….things carry with them memories, and that is what makes them special.


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