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#fridayfotofiction is a weekly bloghop which celebrates fiction writing based on the photo prompt.


“Mam , I don’t know what the problem is.  My brother Aadi is behaving differently nowadays.  He seems isolated . Most of the time, he just wants to sleep, and  he gets irritated also over little things . ”  Ajay  asked the psychologist.

She reacted  too  busy  to listen to  his problem and just advised  ” I think your brother is going through emotional exhaustion . Try to handle him with more love n care . ”

Not happy with psychologist’s behaviour,  Ajay came  back home and  tried to find some reason out of his brother’s  belongings .  He got  panic stricken  when he found  Aadi’s  recent  sketches of jumping off from a building , coming in front of a fast train and hanging from the fan.

Even before his brain could process what he saw  , Ajay heard a scream from the roof . He quickly ran upstairs but all he could see was  the  blood art sketch  of that psychologist  girl  .

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