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“Mam , I don’t know what the problem is.  My brother Aadi is behaving differently nowadays.  He seems isolated . Most of the time, he just wants to sleep, and  he gets irritated also over little things . ”  Ajay  asked the psychologist.

She reacted  too  busy  to listen to  his problem and just advised  ” I think your brother is going through emotional exhaustion . Try to handle him with more love n care . ”

Not happy with psychologist’s behaviour,  Ajay came  back home and  tried to find some reason out of his brother’s  belongings .  He got  panic stricken  when he found  Aadi’s  recent  sketches of jumping off from a building , coming in front of a fast train and hanging from the fan.

Even before his brain could process what he saw  , Ajay heard a scream from the roof . He quickly ran upstairs but all he could see was  the  blood art sketch  of that psychologist  girl  .

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Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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10 Responses

  1. Akshata says:

    Tragic end – how I wish the psychologist would have understood him.

  2. Prasanna says:

    Oh Dear…that is so sad. Wish his problem was taken more seriously and treated before it led to such a disaster.

  3. Heartbreaking! Keeping aware of your loved ones feelings is soo important.

  4. Gaurav Yadav says:

    Good one Monika. Have you read my story “Not her fault”?.

  5. Sad end end to the pursuit by the concerned brother.
    Interesting take on the prompt. Well done Monika. Tale that invokes intense feeling is a great winner, so is your tale!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  6. It is so sad that no one heard his brothers silent scream.
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction , Monika.

  7. Tina Basu says:

    This is so heartbreaking. Tragic! Thanks for linking up with #FridayFotoFiction

  1. October 1, 2017

    […] Fictionwriting  has  slowly  become my love […]

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