My Thankfulness for Blogging Contests #thankfulthursdays

When i started my blog a few months ago i would often think how long would i be able to continue this blog,  how could the ideas keep coming, after all the ideas would vanish after writing   40 or 50 posts.  But No, i was wrong .  When you jump into the writing world , the ideas just keep flowing, and for this flow, i am very very thankful to the various Blogging Contests.  Such contests motivate you to  write and read too. You can’t be a good writer if you don’t read. The more You read , more You wish to  Write. blogging contests

Blogging Contests help me in lot many ways :–

Blogging Contests challenge  and motivate me  – Contests have a fixed theme and a deadline too. I work the best when given a challenge otherwise my mind prefers sleeping. Such challenges push me and make me realize ” YES, I can do it “. The motivating comments on the posts and the best post badges make me feel like paragliding . I still cherish my #MMM badge for my post challenges of Motherhood , Dr Amrita gave me .

blogging contests

Blogging Contests encourage discipline – Discipline plays a great role in every part of life & blogging contests help instill it. Contests like #writetribe and #MyfriendAlexa help me write and read consistently , when i am asked to complete a particular writing task on a fixed time.

Blogging Contests help to make virtual friends– My participation in the few Blogging Contests has given  me a number of virtual friends from different  cities.  When you get to know  other people  who are working on the same niche , you learn from each other . These virtual friends form a team and are always ready to help each other.

Blogging Contests  help broaden my vision – When you are prompted to think &  write on varied topics , your vision is broadened . In my case , I have started looking at all things differently whether a blogpost could be created out of it . I think I have even  started listening to people more carefully if their words could be quoted in my #quotedstories .  Do i sound funny ? Doesn’t  it happen with you  ?

Blogging Contests churn me to bring out fiction– I could never imagine  myself writing  fiction. But #Fridayfotofiction started by my virtual friends Tina and Mayuri ignited this spark . Now whenever there is a  fiction prompt , my mind keeps that prompt even in my dreams and next day, the fiction is ready.

Read my latest fiction post

Blogging Contests  in which I participated &  will continue —

#MMM by Kreativemommy ;  #thankfulthursdays By Dr Amrita;   #FOW  by # WriteTribe Corrine , #myfriendalexa by Blogchatter ; #fridayfotofiction by Tina & Mayuri ; #Tiniature by Gayatri


Blogging Communities which help me grow

Blogadda , Blogchatter, Indiblogger , WriteTribe are the communities which are great networking platforms . Attending their programs is a win-win situation.

Read one of my WOW posts on Blogadda

I wish to participate in more and more of Blogging Contests   so that i am able to learn more and more. After all , life is  full time learning .  I wish Blooging contests challlenge me further in the near future so much that I turn an author from a blogger .

blogging contests
Will wait for the day when I start beathing writing


Special Thanks to Dr Amrita  @healthwealthbridge who gave me the opportunity to write this post .


I am taking my Alexa Rank to next level with #Myfriendalexa

Update 07-05-2018:-

Today Once again I feel thankful to one of the best blogging challenge #superbloggerchallenge2018 which was a ten week long challenge in the months of March and April2018 and Yes ! I was able to complete it successfully . I learnt many new blogging tips during this challenge , rather I am still learning . Thanks to the mentors of the challenge who keep pushing us .  The mentors Dr Amrita and Dr Bushra helped in every way through their tutorials and newsletters . The challenge helped inculcating dedication in writing , reading , and learning from each other too . My DA also improved , my blog DA as on date is 22 and credit goes to #superbloggerchallenge2018. Hope to keep learning from the mentors through #superbloggeracademy which is a blogging academy and helps bloggers to bring out the best in them . I would suggest every new blogger to go for #superbloggeracademy

I am participating in #superbloggeracademy linky hosted by Dr Amrita of and Dr Bushra of


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  1. Yeh, Monika, you are going and growing great guns! Team MocktailMommies salutes you, the quintessential writer, a powerful agent of conveying varied ideas so effortlessly! Keep it up and do keep us entertained with your fabulous posts!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  2. I am very glad that I have stumbled upon your blog. The world is so full of positive thought, we just need to look at the right place! I have been blogging for 10 years now, but never thought how contests effect me positively! Great write up!


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