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queer embrace

Unlocking Minds

This was the name of the educational institute where Sammy  was working as a psychologist/theorist for the last few years . Suddenly , he was fired from his job today.  He had to listen to few vulgar insults also.  He sat in a corner , depressed , and analyzing ( sometimes cursing) his queer identity . His queer sexual orientation made him face social discrimination and mistreatment many times.

When his best friend Martin came to him  ,  Sammy’s tension found a way for words :

“Martin , Am i born in a different way ? Why this societal imprisonment ? How does it matter to the society if i love a man ? I hate  this  bias .”

” But I Love You ” Martin said softly & maturely.

“Come, Let’s go to the emancipated world where the minds may be queer but not locked .”  Martin extended his hand to Sammy.

The two best friends united  hands to unite their souls,  embracing  their queer relationship forever.


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