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Rohan was a smart and intelligent engineering student , always enthusiastic, having many dreams and aspirations . He  loved himself  the most  and  had a passion of   always capturing his  life’s smiles  in the camera.

Life took a twist and he started loving someone else more than himself.  His heart started   singing  sentimental fairy tales for her but life didn’t want it to be duet song.  The intense one-sided  love outweighed his life’s aspirations and emptiness started engulfing his heart all the time .

Feeling battered and shattered , the emptiness weighed so much that he just didn’t want to face the  cruel camera of life. He planned to find a better place than this emptiness.

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There’s a heart warming  song “Emptiness”  , also known as ” Tune mere Jaana “,  sung by Gajendra Verma . The song  got associated with the story of a IIT student Rohan Rathore . This guy Rohan loved a girl who didn’t reciprocate his feelings. He died  few days later .  The lyrics of the song are really touching.  (Infomation source: Wikipedia)

Here is the song for you to listen



20 Replies to “Emptiness #fictionwriting #fridayfotofiction”

  1. That is when he started writings painting. Because a smart person like Rohan won’t just sit around and hope for things to fall into place, he will make them happen and if he fails, he learns from them and makes himself better and takes better decisions.

    Well written. ☺️

  2. I love this song.. its haunting when you in ‘that’ kind of a mood.
    I completely get about one sided dreams and aspirations… I hope that there was some light to the dark tunnel of his existence!

  3. Very intriguing Monika. Every time I’m on your blog I have a smile for the blog’s name! What are we without the chatpata things in life! Thanks for linking up with #FridayFotoFiction.

  4. I am quite intrigued to know where he found his emptiness. I believe that it’s generally quite sad if people take their own lives when they don’t find the love they are so looking for. What about their numerous friends and loved ones who care for them. I personally feel its a cowardly move.

    Nonetheless your story is so life like. Nicely done :).


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