Holding Hands Alone Together #Fridayreflections #fictionwriting

At #FridayReflections,  Corrine from EverdayGyaan and  Sanchie   give a writing prompt to blog about . The prompt for Sept 8, 2017 is Alone Together.

alone together

They were a loving couple , always  together , always seen holding each other’s hands .  Their love was the talk of the society as they could be seen holding each other’s hands everytime, whether going for shopping or a small evening walk.  Holding hands used to strengthen the intimacy between them as the heartbeats could be felt like dancing  Zumba on the love currents.

But after few years of marriage, life started moving on a rocky  and stressy road.  Argues and fights became a daily affair. The heartbeats still  danced but  not out of love. No more holding hands and no more butterfly feelings.

Today  the judge had finally signed their  judicial separation papers . Coming out of the courtroom,  they thought of holding   the hands  together once again  for the last time, although their hearts were feeling Alone Together.


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  1. This happens with many when marriages are done just for the sake of social status. Rather a positive approach has to be from both parties checking compatibility and not just rosy love which appeals only in the beginning. A True eyeopening post. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Happt to join with you for #MyFriendAlexa. I could feel the pain of this story since my own brother was a victim of divorce dramas. Those were heart breaking moments. Ir-repairable loss. Hoping that time will heal my brother’s wound and pain.

  3. I recall reading Twinkle Khanna’s column yesterday which was on similar lines. It’s really sad to see love which once meant the world fizzles out. The fast paced life, changing priorities, intrusion of social media , so many things responsible but end of day it’s up to the couple to keep the flame burning

  4. Its strange how love fizzles out and how sometimes we give up so easily… if only we can put aside everything and hold hands… this was lovely

  5. This is story of so many couples who are lost in the grinding of daily necessities or forget the core reason of why they are together at the first place. Lovely bitter-sweet tale Moniks.

  6. I guess being out of a stressful marriage is being in it and trying to compromise. In today’s fast paced world, relationships are losing the human touch and that’s quite sad to be honest. Relationships are made and broken as fast as one can even dream of.


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