Thoda Push Karo .. Dil Khush Karo

Many times in  our lives , we feel entrapped in  the cages of certain issues. They keep wobbling our minds 24×7  and sometimes get transformed as big problems which actually were petty issues.  If we try to think and work in the right direction , we would find that they were just the tiny cocoons. Just a little push to yourself  was all that was required to come out of it and  free our mind to fly like a butterfly , the one which is so light , colourful and its beauty adds joy around its environment. So the need is  Thoda Push Karo  and  Dil Khush Karo.

You had an argument with someone  at your workplace and are not talking to each other for many days , Thoda Push Karo , just pass him/her a smile and see the hearts melting again . That little emotional stir would be more than enough  to add sweetness  in your day.

You are gaining weight day by day , your favourite dresses don’t fit you any more, you have started receiving pinching comments about your figure , Thoda Push Karo , get a little conscious about your health , Thoda diet control , Thodi exercise , the little pushes would definitely help put on   your favourite dress.

” Thoda Push Karo , because nobody else is going to push it for you “

You are a blogger but not able to write consistently , don’t get engulfed in the guilt feelings , Thoda Push Karo , engage yourself in some writing challenge , like #MyfriendAlexa and see how your mind comes out of that cocoon and you feel light as well as motivated. I remember my first writing challenge #WriteTribe which helped me know about my writing capacities on daily basis.

” You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them ”

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You are feeling low  because of some reason , don’t feel like smiling , not feeling enthusiastic about daily life activities, Thoda Push karo , you can push yourself little towards meditation , share you heart with someone you are close to , go  for a movie, shopping ,  walk , jogging or cycling .  Take any challenging activity and you would see a change.  Any of these would certainly help you in regaining the lost smile . Shopping personally helps me in such cases.  Shopping helps Dil Khush Karo.

You are seeing your marital haapiness going towards dullness,  Thoda Push Karo, pass a romantic  smile  to your spouse , a lovey-dovey wink or whisper an ‘ i love you’ in his/her ear . What do you think ? Wont such tender pushes help going for that candlelight dinner again ?

“Thoda Push Karo , Dil Khush Karo”

You are  performing many duties in your life, you are a mom, you are doing a job , you are managing your home, taking  care of your family, blogging too , even then  the family is wanting still more out of you then don’t  worry, don’t take it to your heart, this time let it be the turn of  others to roll the dice , let them  Thoda Push Karo .

So Kuch bhi mushkil nhi hai , the need is just Thoda Push Karo  which helps Dil Khush Karo .

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Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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18 Responses

  1. Well said thoda push kro. I agree with you that we have to push ourself little forward to achieve something or to gain something. No one will do this for you.

  2. upasna says:

    Its such a light hearten post. Your post is making me realize that nothing should stop you or knock you down. I had a bad day and did not made a gratitude pie for today. Now I am gonna make that and express the gratitude because its there days when we need gratitude the most. Thanks for sharing it with #QuotedStories.

  3. This is absolutely a heart warming post. Thank you for this, read this on a perfect day. Keep writing 🙂

  4. SoulMom says:

    Nice light reading here, I like the Hinglish mix in language. True, we need to push ourselves a bit every now and then and yet find ways to remain khush. Good to see your blog Monika.

  5. This is so inspirational and its the last moment thrust which gives you the winning edge. One has to stick to the convictions and dreams

  6. i turn 33 this year, and have a similar post coming up about fulfilling your potentials. Yes, sometimes in life we need to take the initiative, not expect encouragement and approval from others , but to push ourselves.

  7. Alpana Deo says:

    What a read. You presented the deep message in such a nice and light way that you did..Dil Khush Karo…

    We just need that Thoda Push Karo attitude and things become easy.
    Thanks for the lovely write up.

    MothersGurukul recently posted

  8. Brinda Rana says:

    So true we will never know the true heights we can acheive until we push ourselves. We r all capable of much more thank we think. Nice read Monika

  9. Alpana Deo says:

    Lovely read!! You have presented a very deep message in a light manner.

    Thoda Push Karo attitude can sail is through even the tough situations.

    MothersGurukul recently posted

  10. A wonderful read.. and very much required … getting bogged down in our cocoon is just going push us towards a downward spiral, where as a simple small push in the right direction can do wonders.. not just for ourselves but everyone around us.. after all, positive energy is contagious

  11. light read and inspirational!

  12. Arjun Gupta says:

    True words. Even the slightest of pushed could roll a Boulder down the mountain.

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