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#fridayfotofiction is a weekly blog hop which celebrates fiction writing  based on the photo prompt.

For the last many years , he was teaching piano in the blind school .    His heart had slowly  developed love feelings for a beautiful , kind girl Megha . Playing and singing  hindi romantic songs  used to  reflect  his emotions . The whole school had the inking .   He expressed at  times but she always gave her disability  as reason .

Today also  , just before the start of  the annual musical evening  , he once again opened his heart     to Megha but Alas ! A  big  NO  !!

With a doleful heart and teary eyes, he started  his performance  singing along the piano .

”  Ye Raaten Ye Mausam Nadi ka Kinara , ye Chanchal Hawa ………….”

There was complete silence in the auditorium  . No applauds , no claps .

Suddenly  his saddened heart and bit choked throat  twittered  Megha  ,  standing in the audience she  completed the song

“Kaha Do Dilon ne ki Mil kar kabhi Hum na honge juda ……….”

The hall echoed with cheers.

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