My Blogger Friend #festivalofwords#6 writetribe Day 6

WriteTribe celebrates writing. The #WTFOW#6  is a festival in which one has to write for 7 days in a row. This is my post for Day 6.


Today I have a blogger friend  with me at my blog.  She is Gayatri Gadre from Mumbai, India. She has been   blogging for the last six years. She has written an ebook Off Beats which is a lovely  travel book. The book includes many wonderful destinations around the world. You would love reading this book which will take you to Mumbai, Malaysia n Scotland .

By profession , Gayatri provides digital marketing services to companies.   She blogs at . She has a long list of followers.  She is an inspiration to many other bloggers . You can check her blog here.

My blogger friend

Gayatri Gadre’s family  is   the biggest pillar of strength in her life. She  thanks her husband for not being  a traditional husband and who always keeps motivating  her to use her  abilities. Her Mom is a retired lawyer and she was the superwoman  Gayatri  grew up looking up to . Her Mom  has always inspired her  to try the best in everything .
Gayatri’s #tiniature on Twitter was a hit in July 2017.
I interviewed  Gayatri Gadre  for my today’s guest post . Here are the few excerpts from the conversation :–
Ques.  Hi Gayatri Gadre , how are you ?
Ans.     I am doing good, Monika .
Ques.   Gayatri, you are blogging for so many years , has blogging changed you in any way as an individual ?
Ans. Yes , I started blogging in 2011. Blogging has helped me find my strengths and weaknesses over time.  It has become a way for me to look inside me . Blogging kindled creativity inside me . Till I started blogging, my professional achievements were the only identity I had. Blogging helped me establish my identity as an individual .
Ques. Tell us about any one change you have observed in yourself.
Ans. I gained confidence in my writing as I started receiving positive feedback for my posts. Before I started blogging , I could have never imagined that I could be a published author some day .But blogging gave me that confidence to take the big step towards getting published.
Ques. What inspired you to write your ebook ‘Off Beats ‘?
Ans. I just love to travel. It doesn’t have to be a tourist destination or a far away place . I am happy to visit any place which has distinct character of its own. With time , I realized that many offbeat destinations are far more beautiful than the famous tourist destinations. It sparked the idea for participating in the A to Z challenge by Blogchatter held every year in April. I decided to write about all the unique places I  have visited so far.  Hence started the journey of my book. You can read a review of my ebook here.
Ques. Out of all the places you have visited Dear Gayatri Gadre , which one is your favourite ?
Ans. It’s hard to pick just one , each of the places had its own charm . I loved Scotland for its serene beauty, Bath for its romantic vibes and Angles-sur-l’Anglin for its rustic French charisma. I have covered  26 places  in the book and each of them means  a lot to me .
Ques. You give digital marketing services to companies , has it become need of the hour for all ?
Ans. Yes, it is absolutely essential these days , be it a large organization , a small startup or an individual such as author ,blogger or an artist. Everybody needs to reach out to the audience who may find their offerings useful. The beauty of Digital is that it cuts across the geographical boundaries. I ‘ve had people downloading my ebook from USA to Australia, thanks to the marketing efforts I spent on digital channels.
Ques. Do you think social media has somewhat cluttered our minds ?
Ans. Well , it’s a tool. All depends upon how we use it. A kitchen knife can be used to cut vegetables , carve out salads or hurt someone . Social media is a powerful tool if used wisely. The key lies in using it effectively without letting it overshadow our lives.
Ques .  Gayatri, what are your hobbies except reading and writing ?
Ans .I am a lifelong learner, learning new skill is a lifetime hobby for me. I am a trained Ballroom dancer , I enjoy dancing Salsa and Bachata. Recently I have learnt pottery, so at times you will find me testing my hands dirty to create new shapes and forms.
Monika:  Wow , you are a multi talented girl Gayatri  , I must say .
Ques. Your #tiniature did wonders last month , what do u want to say about it ?
Ans. Thank you. To be honest ,when I started #tiniature , it was a personal challenge . But I have learnt with time that doing any challenge alone is very daunting , so I invited some twitter friends to join me in the challenge and it kept growing with more and more number of people , like you , joining every day . Initially it was supposed to be only for the month of July . But on public demand , it will continue every Friday . Anybody and everybody is welcome to join . The idea is to challenge our creativity & inspire each other .
Ques. I heard that you are working on your debut novel also , would you like to tell readers something about it ?
Ans. It’s a novel very close to my heart . I hope to make people understand  how difficult every girl’s life is .Everyone should appreciate what every woman has achieved in life .
Monika: Wow, your novel seems to be interesting , I would definitely like to read it.
Ques.  Any message for new bloggers ?
Ans. Go for it . Identity your passion , likings and start writing. Don’t let your inner voice and external critics stop you.
Ques. Any special message for my blog ?
Ans.  I love your simplicity , every post has come right from your heart. You are true to your roots , stay the way you are. Keep up the good work of inspiring other women as you like to call them girls!,  as all of us need a daily dose of motivation. Monika, you and your blog are already doing good on #tiniature and  MMM, keep writing and keep moving forward.  Wish you success ahead.
Monika : Thanks Gayatri for your wishes and thanks for giving your valuable time.  You are a great motivation to many of the bloggers . All the best to you too.
I am taking part in #writebravely #writetribe The Write Tribe festival of Words #6


Hi, I am Monika, an educationist for the last 17 years and a mom to a daughter for the last 11 years . Give me a hot cup of masala tea with some snacks plus a laptop and I am happy ! My Blog is a mixed bag of my observations ,learnings and experiences . To me , life is love, life is helping & learning from each other. Life is not that complex -We just have to stop overthinking .

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  1. Balaka Basu says:

    Great interview Monika and thanks Gayatri for the insights.

  2. That was a nice interview. Good to read about Gayatri. 🙂

  3. Its interesting to know more about Gayatri !!!

  4. Lata Sunil says:

    Good to know Gayatri little more. I had seen her Tiniature hashtag on Twitter. It was a good one. Any more plans for Tiniature? Or is it an ongoing feature?

  5. Alice Gerard says:

    What a great interview, very complete. I enjoyed getting to know Gayatri better.

  6. She is quite an inspiration. I alway shook forward to her tiniature posts on Twitter. Hope to participle day too.

  7. Anchal says:

    I loved her thoughts for new bloggers. Thank you for sharing more about her

  8. Thank you Monika for this wonderful opportunity to share my journey with your readers. I am honored. I wish you and your blog success. I hope my story will inspire more of our sisters to take a plunge in blogging and other creative ventures. 🙂

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