Coffee with Rhythm #festivalofwords #writetribe#6 Day 7

WriteTribe celebrates writing. The #WTFOW#6 is a festival in which one has to write for 7 days in a row. This is my post for the Day 7 , I am happy I could complete the challenge.

I  had finished my studies .  Mom –  Dad had started  searching the matrimonial match for me.  After a number of conversations with different families and exchange of photographs , we finally decided to meet one of the family,  from Punjab. The Would be Groom (WG)  was the boy named Rhythm, who was tall, fair n handsome.  I  had also liked his pic at the very first sight, and I loved his name too. Another point which  moved my heart was ,  he had mentioned in his profile that coffee and music were  his love .  Actually this  guy Rhythm  had got his professional education in music and he was working in the same field. His parents were retired professors from a college.


The family was invited for tea at our home  for the next day. My heart started feeling butterflies , as it was to happen for the first time. I also like coffee and music , Wow, what a lovely match , my heart was in  private discussion mode.  My emotions had got wings and I flew to a dreamy date with Rhythm, having coffee at CCD , holding each other’s hands.

Finally it was  the next day evening and as it was expected , WG and I  were made to sit in a separate room to have a private talk. It always appeared  very weird to me how two people could decide to spend life together , just in a ten minutes conversation. But this is how it was to happen with me.

He was exactly same as was seen in the pic. Tall,  very fair and handsome . Coffee and music love were the toppings on his profile for me. Little embarrassed, we started the conversation talking of each other’s families. Awww, he spoke so politely. Then he asked me about my work and  where I worked . When I told him the name of my workplace, he made an ugly face  and  immediately said  ‘Yuck, I happened to go there once , that place really stinks. How do u manage to work there ? Be hygienic yar , leave your job, I have enough money ”

His words brewed my mind like a hot coffee ,  I stared at him for few seconds  but I kept calm . I wished I had a hot  coffee mug in my hand and I would have done **** , but he was my guest  that day . My mind instantly decided that Rhythm couldn’t be the rhythm of my life , Rhythm didn’t deserve to be the music of my heart.

I am taking part in #writebravely #writetribe #6 The Festival of Words



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  1. I am glad that Rhythm expressed exactly what he thought so that you could get away from making a lifetime mistake. Some people are like that, appears so well and good that we would fall for them instantly, but while interacting the story changes completely. At least you enjoyed the coffee. 😉

  2. At times when people tell us something, they tell us something more less verbally too!
    Happy that, rhythm did and he’s not your rhythm.


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