Jewel of My Life–My DAD #festivalofwords#6#writetribe Day 2

WriteTribe celebrates writing. The #WTFOW#6 is a festival of writing in which one has to write for 7 days . This is my post for Day 2.


What is a resource ? It is the source of supply, support or aid that can be readily drawn upon when needed. My biggest resource is my DAD , I treasure him .Professionally , he has worked as a college professor all his life and now he enjoys his retired life.   He is the one I can look forward to for any kind of support I ever need . He is the best person God has sent in my life . Out of love , I sometimes call him POPSY. He is my real hero .

DAD is my biggest resource of  inspiration and positivity
Since childhood , he has always inspired me in all walks of life . He knew about my strengths better than me . He always has in mind , lot of inspiring excerpts of great persons which he quotes to motivate us.  My DAD has inculcated many qualities in me for which I will always be thankful.
Jewel of my life -MY DAD
DAD is my resource of money 
Haha , my DAD  is the the one to whom I can go anytime for quick money. He is my all time ATM. My bank accounts may be empty but this ATM always dispenses cash.
DAD is a resource of large collection of books 
POPSY is a literature man. He has a huge collection of many kind of books , books on mythology, history, homeopathy, some great biographies ,etc .He has a deep love for short stories and he owns short stories  in English, Hindi, Punjabi n Urdu languages .  He has lot many dictionaries and thesaurus too , which are his treasure . Occasionally he spends hours on a bookshop to decide just a small book for himself.
DAD is a resource of songs and jokes 

Although not taken any professional training , DAD sings very well . He can play Casio, Tabla , Daphli , which he learnt on his own . He gets lot of applauds when he sometimes sings among his friends. He remembers lot of old hindi songs and is always eager to sing , waiting for somebody to just prompt him once . He loves to tell jokes too for which he has even maintained a diary. I just love him when  he  himself says it many times ” Main ek joke sunata hun tumhe ”

Jewel of my life-MY DAD

DAD is my asset.  He is the jewel of my heart, my life.  Few years ago , on Fathers day , I had penned my heartfelt emotions  about him on a chart paper, got it framed and gifted him . That emotions’  frame has all the mentions of his qualities , our beautiful times spent or my deep love for him . The pics in this post are glimpses of that emotions’ frame.
Jewel of my life -MY DAD
I wish I could have a time machine, go back to my childhood times,  I  hold DAD’s finger with my little hand  and when it’s time to enter the world of dreams, I rest my head on his shoulder , arm embracing him tight, listening to a fairytale from him .
I am taking part in #writebravely#writetribe The Write Tribe Festival of Words#6
Update 23.6.2018 :- I  am submitting this post for the father’s day contest hosted by kreativemommy

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